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For this reason, bullet-to-bore friction was very limited, which results in less pressure than would occur with a bullet that obturates more easily.
It's perfectly normal to see a little but when it's excessive like that we know there wasn't even enough pressure to obturate the case at all.
45-60, is the bottleneck cases more fully obturate in the chamber and eliminates black powder fouling from flowing back into the action.
Of the loads, the smokeless didn't obturate the well which isn't surprising and the cases came out with black smudges at the mouth.
The sabot fills the rifling and seals the bore, eliminating the need for the bullet to obturate.
45 Colt bullet was accurate and pleasant but did not obturate the case enough to seal the chamber.
A sabot bullet does not engrave the rifling when loading and doesn't need to obturate to seal the bore; the sabot takes care of both chores, so soft lead is no longer the requirement it once was.
As you can imagine, accuracy was sub par and smokeless powder doesn't obturate the bullet enough to fill the grooves in the barrel.
In these instances, iginition pressure is high enough to cause the base of a wad to obturate enough to seal off the bore during firing.
Yes, they can help develop efficient patterns but they can give you fits in coming up with a wad column that will squeeze through the constriction of the choke, not be cut or deformed and still obturate in the larger bore.
It's perfectly normal so see a little carbon blacking but when it's excessive like that we know that there wasn't even enough pressure to obturate the case at all.