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reduce the edge or violence of

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LOC can be classified as alert, obtund (dull), stupor, or coma.
While several problems can arise during anaesthesia in patients with pre-eclampsia/eclampsia, those described in the Saving Mothers reports include failure to obtund the intubation response and severe hypertension after administration of ergotamine.
Successful insertion of LMA requires sufficient depth of anaesthesia to relax the jaw and to obtund the airway reflexes to avoid gagging, coughing and laryngospasm.
Anxiety and vacillations obtund the motivational levels, particularly when definitive therapies are not well established, improperly practised or desperately disputed between the systems (Gandotra, 1984; Jackson, 2002).
First, the greater depth of anaesthesia at BIS 25 may provide greater relaxation of jaw muscles and may obtund airway reflexes to a greater degree.
9) compared the efficacy of Lidocaine, Fentanyl and esmolol to obtund the intubation responses and concluded that only esmolol provided constant and reliable part against increase in heart rate and systolic blood pressure accompanying laryngoscopy and intubation.