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an unwelcome conspicuousness

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Come hunting season, try to blend the blind into the brush pile to minimize its obtrusiveness.
Cooper writes: "Apelles did not disdain even that criticism of his lofty art which came from an uncouth cobbler; and may I not hope that the writer's oneness with her subject both in feeling and in being may palliate undue obtrusiveness of opinions here" (42).
The study further concluded that the shift toward reasonable royalty damages awards was the result of, among other things, the obtrusiveness to operations in supporting a lost profits analysis, the desire to not disclose sensitive cost and profit data, the cost of performing a lost profits analysis compared to a reasonable royalty analysis, and the prevalence of IP holding companies that do not actually manufacture or distribute the patented products.
Finally, urban partnerships will use cutting-edge technological and operational approaches to improve system performance, supporting regional efforts to expand provision of real-time traveler information, improve traffic incident response, improve arterial signal timing, and reduce the obtrusiveness of highway construction work zones.
The observation protocol's design should also reduce reactivity--that is, the tendency of staff members to change their behavior when under observation--by minimizing the obtrusiveness of the observers.
But Hambleton councillors refused permission in September, citing the height of the house and obtrusiveness of the gable at the rear, a decision upheld by a Government planning inspector.
In its response to GOWM, the council said: "The main objective of the policy is to ensure that there is full consideration of alternatives and that telecommunications equipment is sited in optimal locations which take account of technical considerations, visual obtrusiveness and other amenity issues.
Technological advancements in the last decade have created cost-effective automated prompting devices with the ability to deliver the same level of prompting with less human interaction and obtrusiveness and often less human effort in managing prompt delivery (e.
In this study, this obtrusiveness is further exacerbated by the sensitivity of the topic of sexuality.
In addition, because the diaphragm is worn completely inside the vagina, it avoids the obtrusiveness of the female condom and is less likely to interfere with intimacy and sexual pleasure.
Alltucker contends that all sand and gravel operations are required to produce rigorous, state-approved plans to minimize the obtrusiveness of their mines while they function and to return them to environmentally acceptable uses after they play out.
This enabled her to tape interactions in private hospital rooms from two perspectives with less movement and obtrusiveness and still keep both the nurse and patient in view regardless of where the nurse was standing.