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Synonyms for obtrusion

the act or an instance of interfering or intruding

an advance beyond proper or legal limits

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As The Massacre at Pariss stain, the massacre scenes are the obtrusion of all that does not belong and must remain beyond sense in order for reality to make sense, to cohere.
Obtrusion of lung tissue outside of the thoracic cage is an exceedingly rare entity, with fewer than 300 cases documented in current literature (1).
Meanwhile, a wrongful obtrusion comes about "when an individual makes what are taken as overextensive claims to personal space, incidentally encroaching on the personal space of those adjacent to him or her on areas felt to be public in the sense of being non-claimable.
The organizations complain about the one-sided obtrusion of homosexuality through the media, culture, art and education, that happens without talking about the consequences and risks for the individual and the society.
Some modestly hide their faces from the obtrusion of the camera.
Experience--a long meditation on innocence, memory, sex, and the obtrusion of human evil--demonstrates his capacity for sustained investigations of consciousness not reliant on the necessary distortions and simplifications of fiction.
Wilde here identifies the aesthete maneuver essential to AI: the "transformation" of the base into something "fine"--Sontag's obtrusion of the body into the ken of critical consciousness is a prime instance of it.
We can supply up-to-date research documents as well as reports specific to the Pool Hill proposal in relation to high and low frequency noise, visual obtrusion, public danger and mining.
The observational mode (10) wherein an argument is presented with as little filmmaker obtrusion as possible, facilitating unmediated access to the real world and featuring recurring images and situations.
The corps glided back and forth beneath an obtrusion of blue draperies.
Hence Stowell, once challenged over his attack on Dawson's religious opinions, aware of the dangers of being drawn into a dispute over the opinions themselves, emphasized that his quarrel was with the way in which the Athenaeum had been used, the extent to which Dawson "takes advantage of an avowedly neutral platform to obtrude on them men who ought to be protected from such obtrusion by the fundamental principles of the institution" [sic].
Contrasting decorative wood inlays, a la Weatherby, can be inset into the stock to cover the obtrusion.
Had the poem been combined with the colloquial first-person prose journal and the amateur sketches, then its obtrusion of formality upon the reader would have been seen to be only one version of the journey, in dialogue with more informal responses which, without it, might themselves have seemed too slight and private for publication.