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the act of obtaining


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On the other side, the Energy area has as objectives the R+D+I of new devices for the generation and storing of energy, the development of new fully-controlled and automated processes for the obtention of “clean fuels”, or the development of supports or last generation catalysers that increase the energetic efficiency of the processes, among others.
Additionally, accessions belonging to Group III, due to exhibiting a greater bottom fresh mass and head fresh mass ratio, bract thickness and a higher number of secondary heads, could be included in crossing blocks aimed at the obtention of improved genotypes for these characteristics in the long term.
Notations are changed towards the end of obtention of higher number of equations in the holistic study of the global climate models.
Le requerant confie alors l'enfant a son beau-frere et entame des demarches au Maroc (changement de nom de l'enfant et obtention de passeports aux deux noms de l'enfant) et au Canada.
La courbe est deplacee en donnant plus de poids aux eleves qui ont des scores eleves sur l'indice du rendement scolaire en maternelle et moins de poids aux eleves qui ont des scores faibles, jusqu'a obtention d'une nouvelle distribution ou seulement 10% des enfants sont vulnerables.
The development of the new ecological cement, as well as the techniques for enhancing its mechanical properties using nanotechnology, has led to the obtention of two patents, whose ownership is shared between Tecnalia and the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones CientE[degrees]ficas (CSIC).
Conclusions: Il existe, pour les jeunes femmes et hommes non maries, un besoin de programmes d'education sexuelle qui sou-lignent l'importance de la reconnaissance d'une grossesse des le debut de la gestation et celle de la prompte obtention d'un avortement si la grossesse n'est pas desiree.
In a related event, and in an interview to TUNISIAONLINENEWS, Mr Moez Souabni, the chairman of the Tunisian Internet and Multimedia Association (ATIM), said that his association was among the first to have applied with ICANN for the obtention of the extension ( .
Le deuxieme aspect lie attx difficultes que rencontrent les immigres concerne l'acces a l'emploi apres une reprise d'etudes et/ou une formation suivie au Canada, suite a l'amelioration de leur niveau d'anglais; et ce meme apres obtention de la citoyennete canadienne.
The transesterification of the triacylglycerols for the obtention of metiyl esters of fatty acids was realized according to the methodology described by Folch (1957).
2001) Protease obtention using Basillus subtilis 3411 and Amaranth seed meal medium at different aeration rates.
La situation au Quebec est semblable puisque la gestion publique s'exerce de la meme maniere que dans le reste du Canada, par l'autorite provinciale, soit le ministere de l'education, du loisir et du sport (MELS), a qui il revient de definir les orientations et les priorites du systeme tout en prescrivant ses objectifs et ses finalites, et d'etablir les normes (formation des maitres, cheminement des eleves, evaluation, obtention du diplome).
2006), more financial resources, better formation and training in their subject matter (as could be indicated by the obtention of a PhD), or simply a more oiled network of academic connections, we are always speaking of a resource-productivity relationship.