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the act of obtaining


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The State Registration Service has launched a project in order to simplify the procedure for passport obtainment in Kyrgyzstan.
Obtainment of TGA approval for the Hemolung RAS took approximately 12 months.
Ban delineated a three-point strategy in which trade would have a major role: the acceleration of the Millennium Development Goals process and the obtainment of the predefined targets; the creation of 'a universal, legal, climate change agreement' by the end of December 2015; and the outlining of a future development agenda defined as the sustainable development goals.
He had submitted an application with the ECP for obtainment of the copy of nomination papers of Imran Khan a couple of days ago.
The meeting then reviewed and approved the consolidated financial statements for the financial year ended 31/12/2013 and the proposed distribution of profits for the financial year ended 31/12/2013, after obtainment of the required official approvals, as follows: (a) to approve the transfer of 10 per cent of the net income amounting to $14,450,563 to the statutory reserve, (b) to approve the distribution of cash dividend to the shareholders registered as of the date of this meeting, amounting to $36,690,179 (3.
The commission will also: introduce rules concerning the obtainment, distribution and management organs in order to make the distribution system more transparent; and make the use of the system compulsory.
com, has announced obtainment of a $1,000,000 line of credit.
They are grounded until clearance and obtainment of Airworthiness Certificate".
Eida's project includes the establishment of a modern population register in order to facilitate the obtainment of government services as well as to provide the required information for supporting decision making, strategic planning and the allocation of sources in all vital sectors in the UAE.
Moreover, its obtainment of academic accreditation in six of its programmes from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology in 2009 has positioned the college among the most prestigious engineering colleges in the world.
Regarding the current situation of Jihad, Omar said: "The enemies of Islam and Afghanistan had envisioned that the current year would be crucial for defeat of Mujahideen and for obtainment of the wicked goal of the enemy.
5 million (5 cents per share) and a distribution of one bonus share for every 10 fully paid up shares amounting US$ 79 million from the share premium after obtainment of the required official approvals.
TodayEoACAOs agreement between Molson Coors and Grupo Modelo is subject to the successful completion of detailed, legally binding agreements and the obtainment of all necessary approvals and authorizations.
Australia) presents a multi-disciplinary approach to the Lacanian concepts of jouissance (bliss associated with the obtainment of any desired object or condition) and sinthome ('symptom,' defined in relation to writing as the way in which each subject is organized to achieve its desire).
The investigations also showed that the reasoning behind the beginning of such an engagement with the Israelis were for financial gain, to facilitate the obtainment of permits to enter Israel, and other services, some even sexual.