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Synonyms for obtainable




Synonyms for obtainable

capable of being obtained or used

Synonyms for obtainable

capable of being obtained

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Catherine, on why she never married, said: "The desirable were never obtainable and the obtainable were not desirable.
Making obtainable housing work requires reasonable land cost, density allowances and quick approval time.
50 are obtainable on 0151-342 4226 or 0151-334 1221.
Both these calendars have a series of nostalgic views of the respective areas and their suburbs which should evoke many memories of yesteryear and are obtainable, price pounds 4.
Such scrap, however, is now in very short supply and obtainable only at high and rising prices," the petition concludes.
Thus, the practical limits to reject consistency in a pulp screen impose limits to the obtainable degree of fractionation.
Showing people that veganism is obtainable, simple, and that your food will still taste good, if not better, is the way to go
In doing so, the standard requires that the external auditors re-perform a significant level of testing for which the results of identical testing are easily obtainable from management.
But, in contrast to its requirements for flexible spending accounts, the IRS did not object to the taxpayer's practice of making available to employees at a given point in the benefit year only a pro rata portion of the amount obtainable from the reimbursement program for the entire year.
Deliberately frontal and flat, the hackneyed subject of a girl's ass is designed to arouse the viewer by convincing him or her that this ass is real, credible, and obtainable while corresponding to a particular sexual fantasy.
Edwards says it produces higher mechanical properties than are obtainable with thermosets or other thermoplastics because the highly polar TPU bonds very well to the glass fibers.
It is the responsibility of the professional performing the Phase I to obtain reasonably ascertainable information, which is publicly available and obtainable from its source within reasonable time and cost constraints.
Needless to say, parents do not have any say in this; the pills are easily obtainable (free, on the National Health Service) from pharmacies and school clinics.
He showed that such "idiolectal" features of speech, obtainable from word transcripts, even errorful transcripts produced by automatic speech recognizers, could greatly enhance performance.
The resulting assembly would be a rotatable 3D image of much higher resolution than any single image obtainable through the camera's optics.