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a consonant that is produced with a partial or complete blockage of the airflow from the lungs through the nose or mouth

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Table 1: Descriptive statistics for the NWS and BCW texts Concept NWS BCW Words (tokens) 97 95 Content words 54 53 Particles 43 42 Words (types) 60 72 Content words 40 51 Particles 20 21 Phonemes (tokens) 428 423 Phonemes (types) 22 24 Table 2: Expected pronunciation for voiced obstruent phonemes Concept /b/ /d/ /g/ NWS 19 14 3 Plosive [b, d, g] 3 5 1 Continuant [[beta], [?
For the obstruent class (fricatives and stops) and sonorants (nasals and liquids), the acoustic cues that define voicing (in the case of obstruents) and the manner of articulation (in the case of sonorants) are more perceptually salient than the cues of the place of articulation.
43) In the process, they also came to a consensus regarding three orthographic issues not easily managed in a traditional fanqie notation: the explicit identification of tones, of medials, and of voicing in obstruent initials.
A en croire les plaignants, qui sont directement affectes par cette situation insupportable, ces marchands munis de charrettes et de triporteurs encombrent les passages et obstruent quasiment toutes les issues, car ils n'hesitent guere a occuper aussi bien la chaussee que les paves pour pietons.
A ce dernier chapitre, on n'a qu'a penser au mouvement de protestation des pilotes de navires qui obstruent le port de Montreal au mois de juin 1834, en vue de denoncer le monopole des familles Molson et Torrance sur la navigation dans les eaux du Saint-Laurent, ou a l'Association des aubergistes licencies de Montreal qui s'oppose l'annee suivante au monopole de la fabrication de biere, qui entraine un prix excessif pour ce produit.
followed by obstruent and liquids it is split up by a division like /mistral as mis.
peuvent passer dans le sang pour aller provoquer des fissures dans les plaques calcifiees sur les parois des arteres: ce qui stimule la formation de caillots qui obstruent l'artere.
Turning to the recent political and security developments in Iraq Al-Hashemi said "The differences in views is exist but we are going on to overcome those differences which obstruent the building of new Iraq or restoring its health.
Editors Fuchs, Toda and Zygis describe in their introduction that a complete understanding of obstruent sounds would require experts from fields as far ranging as phonology, dentistry and aerodynamics.
The spirantization of stops to fricatives *K > *X word-finally and before an obstruent suffix has no parallel in Balto-Slavic, where the glottalic stops were implosives, as they still are in Sindhi (cf.
The first is "a sonority hierarchy of generalizauon which determines that syllables are most sonorous at the nucleus and diminish in sonority as distance from the nucleus increases: obstruent [right arrow] nasal [right arrow] liquid [right arrow] glide [right arrow] vowel [right arrow] glide [right arrow] liquid a nasal [right arrow] obstruent" (Selkirk,1982, cited in Osburne, 1996, p.
The primary focus of this paper is LR's ongoing convergence to a ser to distinguishing phonetic and phonological elements shared between the two source languages, including: final obstruent devoicing, glottalization, and final consonant deletion.
This is examined in a study on the acquisition of vowel duration cues to final obstruent voicing in English by speakers of Swedish, a language with vowel duration contrasts but no final voicing distinction.