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The Aggressor and The Great Obstructor undermine the confidence not only of the opposing lawyer and the judge, but also of the jury and the public, in the civil justice system.
Although obstruction of a grand jury investigation will satisfy the pendency requirement, the obstructor still has to be shown to have knowledge that the evidence will likely be presented to the grand jury.
1999) (finding that an obstructor must have "the improper motive or purpose of obstructing justice"); United States v.
Those who sought peace should not dodge the venue and opt for various venues elsewhere, or they would be regarded as peace obstructors rather than peacemakers," he added.
Those saboteurs and obstructors did not realise that Bahrainis' sincerity and loyalty to their leadership would be a rock on which all their criminal conspiracies would be wrecked," he said.
With that, the Duff show began as he slalomed away from would-be tacklers and obstructors at will, almost finishing the half with a goal as he cut in and fired a right-foot effort at keeper Ricardo.
I quote a few of his words: 'The greatest obstructors of the success of the Word are those whose bad lives contradict their good doctrine, who in the pulpit preach so well it is a pity they should ever come out and out of the pulpit live, so ill that it is a pity they should ever come in.