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Synonyms for obstructively

in an obstructive manner


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I]f key political players continue to debate and challenge [Turkey's accession], and act obstructively where they can, and if these debates are not resolved, this could become the most contested enlargement the EU has seen.
In essence, every time ignorant and incompetent people are used obstructively and wastefully at the helm of government agencies and public enterprises, competent personnel who serve under them are wasted too in the process, and the country loses at both ends (Ake 1991).
Boring cars don't help, driven obstructively by terminally beige people who would scarcely arouse interest if they burst into flames in your living room.
Most of the rails bookmakers lower their boards, but William Hill's still stands proudly, and obstructively.
He removed the shawl wrapped obstructively around the angel's shoulders and arms and the monstrance; yet the angel no longer gazes affectionately at St Pasquale but contemplates him with a more formal admiration of his piety.