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someone who systematically obstructs some action that others want to take

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Roche says Genentech was obstructionist; Genentech counters that Roche was obstructionist.
Myanmar's military government has come under harsh international criticism for hindering international efforts to render assistance, with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on Friday calling its obstructionist behavior ''appalling'' and ''obscene.
But where the agency is most definitely in the wrong, wide of the mark and completely up the left, is in its obstructionist, damaging and stingy approach to development.
Amazingly, the House's DOER Act passed by a large margin (232 to 187) on June 29, as a bipartisan coalition of labor and business overcame the obstructionist efforts of the radical environmental lobby.
The New York Times featured his obituary on page one, summing up an extraordinarily dazzling and diverse career: successful magazine writer and editor; celebrated popularizer of Christian ideas; advertising trailblazer; public relations guru to presidents Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover; Republican congressman from Manhattan's "silk-stocking" district; and, not least, rhetorical whipping boy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose jibes at the obstructionist lawmakers "Martin, Barton, and Fish" felicitously tripped off of the tongues of Democrats in the homestretch of the 1940 presidential campaign.
Detractors say that process allows every obstructionist to have undue influence over the allowance of the final permit, to the point where those willing to invest in recycling Facilities are not because of the uncertainty of the permitting process.
We opposed obstructionist tactics deployed against some of Mr.
Most stars have obstructionist managers and other hangers-on to protect them from the world.
In that situation, receptionists may be seen as obstructionist or difficult.
But the 20-member native council is also being criticized, by both natives and non-natives, for acting in what is seen as a high-handed and obstructionist manner and criticizing the one man, Archbishop Peers, who has led the journey toward healing between the church and indigenous Anglicans.
Furthermore, one should avoid depicting those who doubt such threats as stubborn, obstructionist tools of industry.
Calling Daschle "one of the main obstructions we have in Washington right now," Lessner said "we are going to make him feel some pain and pay a price for his obstructionist tactics.
Local police departments that refused to cooperate with the FBI in rounding up thousands of Arab Americans and immigrants have been named obstructionist.
Bush and Dick Cheney to the oil industry, the United States' role in follow-up meetings--expected later this year in May or June--could be even more obstructionist.
Some resort to obstructionist tactics such as a work slowdown, withholding information, not returning phone calls, or calling in sick.