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Chidambaram on Wednesday said that making laws in the country is not an easy task, and added that this has become even more difficult due to the legitimization of obstructionism as a parliamentary tactic in the coalition era.
The announcement will certainly trigger a spirited public debate over the impact of such a dramatic change and could prompt resistance or outright obstructionism from lawmakers who don't believe that the USPS is legally authorized to take such action without congressional approval O
It's time to stop the dire damage obstructionism is doing to our future.
Until then, we can judge his tenure by his public obstructionism toward the United States, his apologies for Iran, and his repeated efforts to subvert the work of his own nuclear inspectors.
As anyone who was paying attention knows, the period during which Democrats controlled both houses of Congress was marked by unprecedented obstructionism in the Senate.
Parliamentary obstructionism should ordinarily be avoided.
We managed the economy to produce sustained periods of prosperity and declining economic inequality and we conducted the nation's business, even on contentious issues, with much less rancor, partisan polarization and obstructionism.
Official Pakistani obstructionism and harassment, an endemic problem in Pakistan, has increased to the point where it is significantly impairing mission operations and program implementation," said the report, which was based on visits to the U.
Manama Political obstructionism by the main opposition society and Iran's continued meddling in Bahrain's affairs are largely to blame for the 16 months of unrest in the kingdom, a newly appointed cabinet minister says.
But there was a silver lining: The governments of Vladimir Putin and Hu Jintao finally were held accountable before the people of Syria and the larger Middle East for their cynical and self-interested obstructionism.
Touching on the Sahara issue, Akharbach deplored that at a time when Morocco is adopting an innovative positive approach to find a lasting solution to the Sahara issue on the basis of the autonomy initiative, the enemies of the Kingdom's territorial integrity continue to practice obstructionism.
This volume contains 25 articles reviewing recent work related to such topics as lessons for political science from "the new political history," the politics of effective foreign aid, accountability in coalition governments, rationalist approaches to conflict prevention and resolution, political order and one-party rule, the prosecution of human rights violations, ethnographic work in political science, treaty compliance and violation, legislative obstructionism, the political economy of inequality in the United States, indigenous peoples' politics in Latin America, and parliamentary control of coalition governments.
Further evidence of Israel's obstructionism is found in paragraph #20 of the Executive Summary, as follows: "the Government of Israel prevented [Commission members] from meeting Israeli government officials, but also from traveling to Israel to meet with Israeli victims and to the West Bank to meet with Palestinian Authority representatives and Palestinian victims.
And it's more of the same cynical obstructionism - like the political tactics they used to delay reforms that are ending unfair lending practices and putting a stop to unfair credit card rate hikes.
However, Republican obstructionism in the Senate required the Senate to remove the domestic funding and return the package back to the House for a final vote.