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8220;Our new obstruction light unveiled today raises the bar, with a light weight, compact, self-contained design and progressive optics utilising high intensity LEDs to maximize light intensity and uniformity.
It is also important there is no obstruction of our defensive plays up ahead of the ball.
The council say they have installed these obstructions because of speeding drivers; well, they are still speeding, they just brake hard when they near the obstruction then accelerate again.
In this study, we compare 70 cases of cystitis glandularis with upper urinary tract obstruction with 60 cases cystitis glandularis without upper urinary tract obstruction.
With FAA certification for all tower and aircraft obstruction heights, the new Vigilant obstruction lighting line provides lower power consumption, smaller size, less wind load and lighter weight.
Carmanah has ICAO certified obstruction lighting products for a range of obstruction marking lights including Type A and B low-intensity lights and ICAO Type C medium intensity lights.
This study investigated the incidence of silent venous obstruction in patients who underwent pacemaker or lead reimplantation for various reasons.
If this doesn't clear the obstruction, support their upper body with one hand and lean forward.
The radiographic abdominal obstruction series showed findings of distal bowel obstruction.
Airway compression can also be confused with airway obstruction, with foreign-body inhalation a common cause of intraluminal obstruction.
This is the go-to drug in patients with malignant bowel obstruction in palliative care, he emphasized.
The player lifts the ball and drops away from the obstruction rather than removing the obstruction as provided in Rule 24-1.
As a control, scores for the following symptoms were chosen: nasal obstruction, rhinorrhea, and dysosmia.