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noisy defiance

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But on Thursday Monti launched a broadside at the chancellor's obstreperousness on the issue, and then surprisingly suggested that she could be persuaded to change her mind.
Marshall, supra note 9, at 128-29 (arguing that the independence measure "rewards dogmatism and obstreperousness more than the type of independence we most value in our jurists").
Obama's theme was that he didn't want sanctions but that the obstreperousness of the Islamic Republic left the United States no choice.
To call this "laicization" or even "secularization," as literature coming out of the nineteenth century often did, obscures the point that, while these lay powers certainly served their own social ends, they also sought to ensure that regional churches met regional religious needs, a responsibility that princes and cities took on as a right and a duty, even in the face of clerical obstreperousness.
You know, part of her obstreperousness now may just possibly be due to the child you're bearing.
This remains a difficult artistic mandate that (as Leavis long ago suggested) must not violate either the complexity of Hannele's character or the echoes of inimitable obstreperousness in Lawrence's feisty wife.
O'Connor parted company from their joint distrust of the obstreperousness of Southern fundamentalism; she defended the region because it was Christ-haunted, animated by a jeremiadic and dogged belief.
Part of this may have been my natural obstreperousness.
Yet he wrestles sculpture away from the obstreperousness and soullessness of minimalism to create work with spirit, joy, and internal animation.