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in manner that attracts attention

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Nobody argues that committing genocide is all right because it's so hard not to , or because the victims obstreperously refuse to leave or keep getting in the way; whereas whenever civilians turn up dead in a place of conflict, this is just the susurrus of exculpation you hear.
Publicly, on the other hand, Maduro was invariably as adamantly, as obstreperously anti-American as his president, sometimes more so.
Today LGBTQ activists spend more time questioning queer assimilation into the increasingly homogenous gay mainstream, with its emphasis on gay rights, same-sex marriage, and gays in the military Shame becomes a rallying cry here for a host of other 'bad' affects and behaviors, and for queer personae who obstreperously resist their normalization.
If the person sitting next to me on an airplane takes out and reads an obstreperously anti-market magazine, it would be legally wrong of me to snatch it out of his hands and tear it up, no matter how much the content bothers me.
STURBRIDGE - Basil Fawlty is back in all his obstreperously funny glory, as Stageloft Repertory Theater cobbled together three episodes of John Clease's enduringly popular "Fawlty Towers" 1970s British television series on Saturday night to provide an evening of situational insanity.
But, even while you taunt yourself with this sad lesson, your heart cries out obstreperously for its small share of earthly happiness, and will not be appeased by the myriads of dead hopes that lie crushed into the soil of Rome.
Baritone Greer Grimsley skillfully portrayed Amfortas's frailty from the start, while baritone Richard Paul Fink, Seattle Opera's favorite villain, was an obstreperously malignant Klingsor.
He was determined to live what remained of his life in his own way, and was obstreperously, wonderfully independent to the end.