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Synonyms for obstinate

Synonyms for obstinate

Synonyms for obstinate

persist stubbornly

tenaciously unwilling or marked by tenacious unwillingness to yield

stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing

resistant to guidance or discipline

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The Obstinate Murder" is about an aging alcoholic who is called in to solve a murder that hasn't happened yet
an obstinate Charlie Hebdo went on sale Wednesday, in five languages and in over 20 countries.
SDSM is drowning and continues to drown but instead of admitting the mistake, the party is obstinate," Karakamisheva concludes.
Our people and this country have been reduced to the laughing stock at the international level by individuals obstinate to change.
He discusses marking time with Derrida, time returning with Maurice Blanchot, the obstinate time of testimony in Louis-Rene des Forets, still time with Samuel Beckett, making time for each other with Pierre Klossowski, Roger Laporte's fugal time, and saving time as an invaluable offering.
Fortunately, a compassionate and principled Christian therapist teaches Mary how to reconnect with her faith, heal her wounded soul, and confront an obstinate bureaucracy in order to earn the right and the joy to reunite her shattered family.
You know that college friend, the big, boisterous, obstinate one who was always up to party, quick to fight, said the most regrettable things, and embarrassed you-but for some reason you just couldn't drop?
SDSM confirmed they received a letter from Fule as vice chairman Zoran Jovanovski briefly commented that all activities of SDSM were fair and constructive yet the government was obstinate and unwilling to help find a solution.
While the seven-year trophy deprivation has sent groundswells of disgruntlement bulging round the Emirates, Wenger was obstinate the notion that he might be resting on past laurels was absolutely incorrect.
Those who know you personally, know you for what you are: determined, disciplined, resilient, clear-sighted, bloody-minded, funny, thoughtful, kind, pragmatic, decent, honest, obstinate, perverse" - Broadcaster and former MP Gyles Brandreth on the Duke of Edinburgh.
He is often abrasive, uncompromising and even obstinate in his view but he has my respect in that he has been an unstinting servant for, not only Bartley Green, but also our city.
But in any case, an expensive and necessary operation cannot suffer because we decided to be obstinate on the field.
Perhaps with obstinate rigor we can restore what we've lost.
wondering , why some parties demande the expulsion of Iranian ambassador due to vague speculation but obstinate to demande expulsion of Kuwait or Turkey Ambassador, he said.
AYOUR sister knows you can't force anyone to breastfeed but you're also being obstinate dismissing it out of hand, especially if you want to lose weight.