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of or relating to or used in or practicing obstetrics


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director of ultrasound and co-director of high-risk obstetrical ultrasound, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and a key member of the team performing this first-of-its-kind procedure, used the Sequoia system to guide the catheter through the mother's abdomen and uterus into the heart of the fetus.
0 is an integrated system for obstetrical surveillance, charting, and archiving that enables caregivers to document the entire continuum of obstetrical care from the first antepartum visit through delivery, postpartum, follow-up visits, and newborn nursery.
With Philips history of innovation in obstetrical care solutions, this new product line exemplifies our continued commitment to innovation for clinicians and patients.
Institute for Women's Health continues to promote its mission of care through obstetrical, gynecological and fertility services.
Methods: In this study pregnant women between 28-40 weeks gestational period and delivered women in their puerperal period up to 42 days after delivery having acute renal problems associated with obstetrical emergencies were included.
Regarding obstetrical complications 3(6%) patients had placenta previa, 3(6%) had placental abruption, 7(14%) had mal presentation, 3(6%) had obstructed labor and 34(68%) didn't had complications.
The research, "The clinical utility of DNA-based screening for fetal aneuploidy by primary obstetrical care providers in the general pregnancy population," was funded by a grant from Natera, Inc.
Quantity or scope: Acquisition of gynecological and obstetrical ultrasound simulator for Health Simulation Centre of Lille University Faculty of Medicine and Health Law) (Presage
Obstetrical Acute Kidney Injury: 25 Years'Experience from Nephrology Care Unit in Pakistan.
Traction was applied on hind limbs after lubricating the birth canal with obstetrical gel.
Nursing programs throughout the United States offer obstetrical curricula to thousands of nursing students each semester that include hospital clinical experiences in labor and delivery.
The relationship between prenatal marijuana smoking and obstetrical and infant outcomes is less clear.
Results; Out of 100 patients of SAMM, 52% had severe obstetrical hemorrhage, 32% had hypertension, 10% had both severe pre-eclampsia and massive obstetrical hemorrhage, 4% had ruptured Ectopic pregnancies, 1% had septic induced abortion and 1(1%) had puerperal sepsis.
This initiative has brought key stakeholders in from GNA, the Department of Public Health, Georgia Obstetrical and Gynecological Society, March of Dimes and the Georgia affiliate of the American College of Nurse Midwives together to discuss how to move this effort forward.
To explore this, the researchers used the birth records of 9,206 low-risk women undergoing a planned repeat cesarean delivery in the British Columbia Perinatal Database Registry for 2008-2011, and calculated the correlation between institutional rates of early-term delivery and rates of emergency cesarean delivery for each of the 13 major obstetrical centers in British Columbia.