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a race in which competitors must negotiate obstacles

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May 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Warrior Dash, the world's largest obstacle race series held on the most rugged terrain around the globe, today announced a partnership with PEAR Sports (www.
5 million people who are predicted to enter obstacle races like this in the next year should be well aware of the risks they are taking.
Lennox, eight, of Ashford Close, Guisborough notched a first place in the obstacle race for boys aged six to eight years.
Based off research from previous race incarnations, Jones is applying a concoction of different training regiments for an obstacle race known for its unpredictable and sadistic nature.
The promotional materials for obstacle races promise "revamped" courses "studded with challenging new obstacles.
Then the leaders have to undergo a series of obstacle races while carrying the torch and, if their torches go out, rivals can sneak in.
You need activities that can be done in pairs, such as a three-legged race or an obstacle races that need partners.
Founded in 2010, Spartan Race offers obstacle races for athletes seeking to break free from traditional physical activities and participate in grittier alternatives to triathlons and marathons.
As an originator of the sport of obstacle racing and the driving force behind the sport's massive global growth, Spartan Race has long been regarded as the worldwide leader in the industry, the "gold standard" by which other obstacle races and race companies have been measured.
Youngsters tried their hand at fruit salad obstacle races, relay dressing up races and circuit training featuring hula hoops, star jumps and arm curls.
Youngsters tried their hand at a variety of activities including fruit salad obstacle races and circuit training.
We had 100m sprints, 50m relays, shot putt, javelin, balance races, egg and spoon races and obstacle races.
They enjoyed obstacle races using the 10ft high cigarette made by workers at the centre.
The key to Our Lady's success appeared to come from victories in both obstacle races and the girls' relays, which provide double points, although the performance of Katie Murphy, who won the four-lap race and the vertical and long jump, was another bonus.