obstacle race

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a race in which competitors must negotiate obstacles

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8220;Blending fun, activity, and teamwork, obstacle racing has grown significantly over the past five years,” noted Melissa Rodriguez, developer of Obstacle Race World.
The teachers there said they couldn't source sacks so made me compete in an obstacle race.
A father and son are brought closer together thanks to a cross-country obstacle race, and they're not the only ones bonding.
As it loses one event, the course has gained another in international obstacle race Tough Mudder, set to be run in October.
But nevertheless, the course was still much harder than any other obstacle race currently operating in the UK.
Based off research from previous race incarnations, Jones is applying a concoction of different training regiments for an obstacle race known for its unpredictable and sadistic nature.
5 million people participated in an obstacle race, a roughly 3,500% increase since 2009.
Thirty-two organisations competed in the day event that included basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, even traditional Filipino games such as the sack race, obstacle race, and many more.
Ruckus Sports are the creators of one of the industry's most exhilarating obstacle race courses and the ultimate family adventure.
There was Clean the City Race, Tree Plantation Race, Country Race, Rainbow Race, Mixed Relay, Obstacle Race, Alphabet Race, Gross Motor Coordination and Parent Races.
There were six teams of three and classes included the potato and spoon, stick and stirrup, polo-cross challenge and an obstacle race.
Older members of Bodedern pulled their weight by winning both the girls and boys tug-of-war but the obstacle race was taken by Llangefni.
The events included a three-legged race, the Duck and Dive Relay, the Pile On, Table for Four, Balance and Bling, and an obstacle race.
Among the activities: the Governor's Cup amateur ski race, an obstacle race for kids, a hot air balloon, face painting, snow sculpture and assorted other ski races.