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Synonyms for obsoleteness

the quality or state of being obsolete

Synonyms for obsoleteness

the property of being out of date and not current

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Some don't release updates at all because of the technical obsoleteness of a particular device model.
For, "Parliament logjams" may well be a term that will have obsoleteness written all over it considering a new wave of 'activism' that guarantees MPs will come together to pass important legislations.
In the prologue to the play, Wang himself remarks on the obsoleteness of his profession: "Mein Geschaft ist muhselig.
Gessen in his memoirs highlighted how the sworn profession's reputation was damaged by the obsoleteness and unfairness of Russia's written law: "Judges applied the law, one might say, passively, according to their duties, but this did not lead to an indictment against them.
Hidaka notes, as do others in this selection, the significance of the Koseki Family Register as a means for preservation of certain values and approaches, even in cases of their inherent obsoleteness.
Adeni's say that the city's cosmopolitan reputation is quickly approaching obsoleteness.
The inseparability of media and the social world benefits from a zombie perspective that respects the obsoleteness of the alive-dead (or man-machine) binary.
Both parties provide sociological insight regarding the obsoleteness (empirically if not rhetorically) of the linear model and also in their discussion of an alternative model for guiding national decisionmaking for research policy in the areas of energy, health, basic science, defense, and more broadly U.
The Authority therefore wishes to notify all importers of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) receivers, Multiplex Operators, Content Services Providers and the general public that, the minimum technical requirements and specifications for digital set top boxes (STBs) and integrated digital television receivers have been revised on grounds of technology advancement and obsoleteness of old standards for use with DTT networks.