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Synonyms for obsoleteness

the quality or state of being obsolete

Synonyms for obsoleteness

the property of being out of date and not current

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First, both parties ignore the bulk of the academic literature on the sociological obsoleteness of the linear model (see for example Nelson and Winter, Kline and Rosenberg, Rip, Etzkowitz, etc.
This is very significant considering the vast amount of speculation in the literature on the obsoleteness of library schools' curricular in Nigeria.
While TGYH has been criticised for its inadequacy and, obsoleteness, etc.
The 'stability-instability paradox' -- as it is called -- holds that while nuclear weapons may keep nuclear armed rivals from launching full blown military campaigns, they will increase the possibility of either side taking advantage of obsoleteness of war and initiating limited incursions.
federalism, it exposes the weaknesses and obsoleteness of federalism and
But with the adoption of a unified interest rate across different economic entities, and in light of a crisis that led to the inevitable obsoleteness of the Maastricht Treaty, deviation occurred and led to the present situation: As Greece got into more and more debt, it hid the truth about this from Brussels with the help of the American group Goldman Sachs, while in Spain, Ireland and Portugal, families, institutions and private customers stacked loans, until they became replete with debt.