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Synonyms for obsolesce

to make or become obsolete

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become obsolete, fall into disuse

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See supra note 19 and accompanying text (explaining obsolescing bargain particularly high in developing and transition economies); supra note 65 (demonstrating increased political risk across all industries when leaders become emboldened by profitable expropriations).
The controls had to be set up as quotas for each farm, grounded on production in some past base-period, which of course cast farm production in a rapidly obsolescing mold.
Glock has done a really nice job of integrating the accessory frame rail without increasing bulk or obsolescing older holsters.
The notion of asset specificity, applied to transaction-specific, non-redeployable assets in which physical and human investments are specialized and unique to a task (Williamson, 1975), is obsolescing towards a phenomenon of multiple organizations engaged in communication that the probability of any one firm finding a use for the asset is higher than in the case of disaggregated firms competing in the market.
CACI's turn-key, cost-effective solutions will support a diverse array of Department of Defense customers with initiatives that include identification and resolution of ground domain networking issues impacting Joint Tactical Radio Systems; Warfighter Information Network-Tactical; Future Combat System network programs; planning for Army Force modernization; software development; and developing processes/strategies for obsolescing cryptographic equipment.
In Brazil, things seem to be slightly more urgent since the Forca Aerea is having its fleet of F-5s seriously upgraded and shall need to replace its obsolescing Mectron MAA-1 Piranhas.
The most expensive and fast obsolescing asset of any organization is its machinery.
The rest, arguably the true innovation of the corporation, is focused on obsolescing current product lines with next generation or substitute designs.
To be fair, our IT colleagues are charged with the massive responsibility of keeping an expensive, complex and continuously obsolescing system--often a patchwork of systems--up and running 24/7.
accountants will find that their knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) are obsolescing faster than ever before.
There are no archetypes to inspire or refer to, only a parade of rapidly obsolescing mutations.
Torture and slaughter were imputed to obsolescing pathologies of an older period or to the abuses inevitably incident to a civil war against a radical and terrorist Left.
It embraces the process nature of reading and writing, preferring the constantly-evolving-but-never-finishing to the static and rapidly obsolescing "product.
A 'strategic" culture would have permitted these firms to make the necessary transition far better than the "exclusive" one that served to obscure the technological innovations that were obsolescing their products (Foster, 1985).
com held stoutly to its original game plan, only to find in hindsight that it invested too heavily in obsolescing products and services.