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Synonyms for obsolesce

to make or become obsolete

Words related to obsolesce

become obsolete, fall into disuse

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Schuler, From the Obsolescing Bargain to the Political Bargaining Model, in INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT RELATIONS IN THE 21ST CENTURY 251-72 (Robert Grosse ed.
The logic of the obsolescing bargain assumes that investment is a one-shot game, an interaction that will not be repeated.
of obsolescing bargain theory, emphasizing in particular the relative
Because Kineto's existing tape backup solution was obsolescing, “Any new on-site backup solution would have to be a 'forklift' upgrade - all new hardware,” said Steve Robey, director of IT and Facilities at Kineto.
There is thus a strong temptation to try to eke as much productivity out of a rapidly obsolescing asset as possible.
D]igital media is now obsolescing television in the sense that young people look more to digital media to meet their information and entertainment needs instead of television.
We propose a new theoretical framework with the concept of obsolescing legitimacy, which we define as a foreign firm's gradual loss of legitimacy before the local society resulting from the identification of this firm with a previous social and/or political regime increasingly perceived as illegitimate or archaic.
Given Apple's habit of rapid-fire obsolescing of products, your timeline for the mini may be shorter than you expect.
The second factor leading host countries to a greater voice in CSR compliance applies equally to the resource extraction and manufacturing context and can be found in "the obsolescing bargain," an idea developed by Raymond Vernon in the early 1970's.
dumped its obsolescing installed XRT software, licensed in 1995 and last updated in 2008, in favor of software as a service (SaaS).
Against this background, we see the obsolescing of U.
It is unsurprising that international military and civilian officials soon encountered "the obsolescing welcome," Roland Paris's label when local support for outside intervention is replaced by disappointment and then hostility.
He concludes that while some of these roles appear to be obsolescing, the carrier will likely be with us for the foreseeable future, though possibly in lesser numbers and with a reduced emphasis on traditional strike missions.
When the German version of CineGraph began publication in 1984, its editors solved the problem of obsolescing information by issuing volumes in binder format and continually adding updated pages.
us, our obsolescing machines, our inability to read the punch cards as