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the process of becoming obsolete

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If you have ever owned a fridge, a mobile phone or even a pair of stockings, that were easier to replace than repair, you have experienced planned obsolescence first hand.
To help manage obsolete parts, BAE Systems experts will use the company s Advanced Component Obsolescence Management (AVCOM) tool.
Interplay of External Obsolescence and Property Taxes
Estimating entrepreneurial profit, (1) entrepreneurial incentive, (2) and external obsolescence (3) continues to be a contentious issue.
Before making an assessment of the level of obsolescence among managers it is only pertinent to have a clear understanding of what the concept of managerial obsolescence is and its causes.
LOG 235--Performance Based Logistics also discusses the importance of DMSMS and obsolescence planning and the use of continuous modernization as a mitigation strategy.
The User benefits from a web-based application that provides environmental compliance data and obsolescence management information to include 100% coverage for all board-level components.
Slade examines how obsolescence became a way of life in the United States.
In Protecting Your Library's Digital Sources: The Essential Guide to Planning and Preservation, Miriam Kahn makes a useful effort to address the third reason for the obsolescence of disaster plans--failure to update plans so that they deal with digital as well as more traditional media.
Depreciation is defined as the actual loss in value or worth of a property from all causes, including those resulting from physical deterioration, functional obsolescence and economic obsolescence.
Strange, then, that in an issue taking obsolescence as a theme the continuing vitality of the journal itself is only scarcely addressed.
The rate of change and subsequent obsolescence of high-capacity storage systems is now a strategic area of focus for suppliers and customers alike.
Often, however, taxpayers can prove that the FMV is lower than the amount I determined using the standard rates, by presenting to the assessor appropriate comparable sales data and details quantifying obsolescence for the subject property.
The bottom line: Our ability to manage and manipulate technology can be the difference between economic empowerment -- or marginalization and obsolescence.
Important issues of literature use and obsolescence studies were identified in a classic paper by Line and Sandison (1974).