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the process of becoming obsolete

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Various reasons or forms of obsolescence contribute to the rapid replacement of our products: a broken product can not be repaired; it no longer corresponds to the uses from a technical point of view; it no longer corresponds to consumer desires, it is called aesthetic obsolescence; or its lifetime is deliberately reduced by its manufacturer to push the consumer to replace it with a new one: it is called programmed obsolescence.
Abramson characterizes obsolescence as a twentieth-century phenomenon.
If you have ever owned a fridge, a mobile phone or even a pair of stockings, that were easier to replace than repair, you have experienced planned obsolescence first hand.
Do you maintain a relationship with a supplier that addresses obsolescence issues?
Do you maintain a relationship with a supplier who addresses obsolescence issues?
Interplay of External Obsolescence and Property Taxes
Before making an assessment of the level of obsolescence among managers it is only pertinent to have a clear understanding of what the concept of managerial obsolescence is and its causes.
Obsolescence is a problem in many industries, including military and aerospace, railways, oil and gas, nuclear and medical:' says Michael Trenchard, chief executive of the Components Obsolescence Group (COG), a pan-industry body set up to combat the problem.
LOG 235--Performance Based Logistics also discusses the importance of DMSMS and obsolescence planning and the use of continuous modernization as a mitigation strategy.
In the end, she suggests, the function of the anxiety of obsolescence is the "release of the white male author from responsibility through an at times histrionic concern for his own imminent demise, a conversion of the forms and gestures of oppressed cultures to his own project of maintaining his cultural (and social) centrality.
MADE TO BREAK: Technology and Obsolescence in America
Some disaster plans made their way into obsolescence through failing to inform and train new employees or simply by failing to include newer digital resources.
A simplified design will improve hardware reliability, and extensive use of COTS (commercial, off-the-shelf) components, coupled with a layered, open architecture using BAE SYSTEMS' CsLEOS real-time operating system, will mitigate risks associated with parts obsolescence.
Depreciation is defined as the actual loss in value or worth of a property from all causes, including those resulting from physical deterioration, functional obsolescence and economic obsolescence.
Strange, then, that in an issue taking obsolescence as a theme the continuing vitality of the journal itself is only scarcely addressed.