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  • verb

Synonyms for obsolesce

to make or become obsolete

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become obsolete, fall into disuse

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Mobile phone manufacturers make significant investments in the development of new technologies and this in turn results in rapid obsolesce rates of previous models.
BIH] obsolesce confirmations of economic Mean Skew ness benefits N Valid 178 178 178 Mean 1.
These trade schools scarcely realize that, by elevating the hands-on OJT, they actually obsolesce themselves since all they can offer is "hands-off" classroom instruction.
Lastly, inthe move towards digitisation, panelists will also discuss how they intend to mitigate technology obsolesce and bring their organisations forward with a clearly chartered vision for the future.
The strong morality defining the cinema of the time often led to the demonization of Rostom's voracious, atypical characters and their inevitable punishment, yet they always managed to stand tall above their traditional, unforgiving milieu, driving the self-righteous, politically correct and awfully dull men of her world into obsolesce.
Electronic devices obsolesce fast and have to be thrown out or recycled.
Libraries need to refocus attention on making sure that people are aware of the services the library can provide even as many believe the role to be lost in increasing obsolesce.
The next medium, whatever is--it may be the extension of consciousness--will include television as its content, not as its environment, and will transform television into an art form A computer as a research and communication instrument could enhance re-trieval, obsolesce mass library organization, retrieve the individual's encyclopedic function and filp into a private line to speedily tailored dala of a saleable kind.
e further stressed on the need for the industry to brainstorm for technology identification in the backdrop of short shelf life and rapid obsolesce.
Why would I give them control over projects that obsolesce as they are being studied?
Isabel Stroun adds that the contemporaneity proclaimed by these ephemeral Pop culture references is precisely the cause of their rapid obsolesce.
The quality of education is deeply affected by the infrastructure's physical wear and obsolesce, which impairs the quality of life of those working in this field; they are deprived of basic comfort and safety conditions, e.
Globalization and privatization have brought new work-relationships, job insecurity, insecurity regarding future working conditions and rapid obsolesce of the skills.
c) The disposal of used computers is accelerated by the fast speed of planned obsolesce of computers making the life span of computers very short.
As advances in technology continue to bring on obsolesce in a shorter period of time, the only way a company will be able to afford to maintain an updated system and hardware will be to pass the task of supporting the system and hard ware off to a third party and to share the cost with others.