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Synonyms for obsessive

Synonyms for obsessive

a person who has obsessions

characterized by or constituting an obsession

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It's an obsessive, ambiguous movie that's as fascinating and frustrating as that sounds.
Conjoining obsessive and compulsive, our era has moved beyond Lacan's joking Freud and criticism's literary Lacan, beyond a core individual who, experiencing alack a loss, must express itself in order to make itself known per se and viable extra se.
Once detached from other cultural activities either by the market or in defense against or exploitation of that market, artmaking shifts from the obsessive to the obsessive-compulsive.
Too often, acts of obsessive cultural imitation have been explained sociologically and psychologically by pointing toward deprivation (lack), loss, fear, and emptiness, or socio-historically by the "understandable" desire to become modern and up-to-date.
But Muller struggles to show us how their obsessive musical and stylistic imitation or the concomitant habits of mind--accuracy, patience, close listening--worked somehow to undermine Apartheid.
com) takes the obsessive in a more temporal direction.
It may be the political obsessives are the movers and shakers he often praised until they started to criticise his policies, to brand a section of innocent people without evidence is despicable.
I also agree with Ray Mallon that there are a tiny minority of political obsessives in this town who believe they can intimidate and bully councillors out of office.
I often write political letters to the Evening Gazette - if I am to be branded as a political obsessive I am in good company and proud of it, there are thousands like me.