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extreme compulsiveness

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The red mist that used to descend as a player has vanished from the horizon because he got fed up with the bans and the hassle but the obsessiveness remains.
I might spiral off into some other dimension of obsessiveness.
For a lifetime Bergman chronicled the Swedish soul, its solitariness, its obsessiveness and its melancholia, a trait he shared with other Swedish artistic geniuses - it's in the poetry of the recent Nobel Literature prize winner Transtromer, the music of Stenhammar, the paintings of Zorn and the writings of Strindberg and Dagerman.
To be a councillor or a mayor must require some form of political obsessiveness.
To be really successful at anything you need a pretty mega dose of obsessiveness.
In this way his designs are perfectly in tune with his sturdy houses and much closer to that Arts and Crafts ideal of 'fitness for purpose' and interpenetration of house and garden than the geometrical obsessiveness of Edwin Lutyens' garden layouts and Peto's often arbitrary use of architectural salvage.
Users may get a brief glimpse of developer's obsessiveness.
Although McDermott pays a bit more attention to Lynch's obsessiveness and eccentricities than is warranted, this is nonetheless an excellent account of how laboratory science is really done.
There was a lot of obsessiveness on display for the opening day of Comic-Con, which has been sold out for months.
In this sense the dense psychology that he utilizes in his obsessiveness plays with deforming society's acceptable norms whether they be in sexuality, aesthetics or ceramics traditions.
My character goes through lots of different forms of mania and obsessiveness and desperation and she just talks an awful lot.
Mira's friendship zigzags from an almost smothering obsessiveness to gut-wrenching anger and, when Mira's father tragically dies, she finds that even this new friendship isn't enough to hold her world together.
It's a story of passion and revenge and a kind of over-the-top obsessiveness that's largely foreign to Canadian culture.
Nonetheless, Tsutsui's fabulously morbid sense of humor, his obsessiveness and his wit make this collection sufficiently entertaining and disturbing to warrant our attention, especially today when the world as we know it has indeed tilted into the fantastical.