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as well as obsessively charting her weight, Bridget now diarises her number of Twitter followers and her kids' headlice
It wasn't until those guys burned out that Graysmith put aside his drawing pen and obsessively (that word again) set about gathering all the data together and hunting the killer on his own.
BRIAN STELTER, a 21-year-old college student and creator of TVNewser, a blog that is read obsessively by the most powerful, executives in the television industry.
It means you spend hours obsessively tracking down all the staff and the architecture is almost irrelevant--although it is there.
The poor thing is just kept out of sight while Claire obsessively cleans the cupboards.
If it wants to withdraw and focus obsessively upon contemplating its own umbilicus, it should say so.
Elizabeth Egan is an adult who is totally responsible, obsessively tidy and very organised.
They move marketing only a step or two beyond the traditional emphasis on making--and then obsessively counting--"impressions" through advertising.
This, paired with the obsessively visual narrative such as "Clayton was particularly handsome--in his late thirties with close--cut wavy black hair, high cheekbones and bright blue eyes.
Curt concludes he must descend to the underbelly of society to confront the killers on their terms, which he obsessively is determined to do.
He was obsessively, impatiently, relentlessly concerned with giving the lie that blacks had contributed nothing to the onward march of human civilization
Like many powerful men his downfall was to fall obsessively in love with an ambitious seductress.
And I obsessively check the polls to see if she's right, if it is, whether Kerry has solidified his base, gathered more support, and gained a few precious percentage points.
Or will he forever be consigned to an obsessively ordered bachelorhood, convinced that romantic love is but a practical joke played on us by our wily hormones?
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