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in a compulsive manner

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To learn he also happens to be obsessionally single-minded, moody and selfish, often spending four hours on the range repetitively hitting shot after shot, plus having no dinner conversation, should come as no real surprise to anyone who has listened to his bland interviews over the years and has attempted to glean any information as to the real Tiger Woods.
who avoids contact with others and leads an obsessionally routinized
Unlike the obsessionally neurotic, probably psychotic Castel, Meursault maintains his equanimity throughout The Stranger until the priest comes and tries to convert him from atheism.
17) Having done so her un/conscious spirit imago may well become depotentiated and dissolved into a less threatening intra-psychic mother/daughter connection rather than, as in some instances, an obsessionally phobic and persecutory presence lived in recurrent dreams.