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Synonyms for obsession

Synonyms for obsession

an irrational preoccupation

Synonyms for obsession

an irrational motive for performing trivial or repetitive actions, even against your will

an unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone


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The house, as the case stood, admirably lent itself; he might wonder at the taste, the native architecture of the particular time, which could rejoice so in the multiplication of doors - the opposite extreme to the modern, the actual almost complete proscription of them; but it had fairly contributed to provoke this obsession of the presence encountered telescopically, as he might say, focused and studied in diminishing perspective and as by a rest for the elbow.
It is common for people to carry out a compulsion to try and reduce the anxiety caused by an obsession," says Keira.
When a private investigator falls in love while spying on her, his infatuation and lust lead him into a deadly obsession.
Obsession Bows bills its new DEF-CON 6 as the smoothest, most vibration-free speed bow you'll ever shoot.
Calvin Klein, Dark Obsession for men is a bold, modern fragrance with a powerful masculinity and intense sensuality.
Fastidiously grown and produced in southwestern France, Bordeaux has been a longtime obsession of celebrities, oenophiles, and wealthy imbibers-"beguiling kings, emperors, and dictators alike," notes narrator Russell Crowe.
When he encountered a competitive yoga champion he decided to train for national championship and his story follows his increasing obsession with pushing his body to the limits-an obsession that would bring him in touch with a charismatic yoga guru on a mission.
It's no surprise that this country girl can't get enough of the backwoods family, but Miley loves the show so much, she's taking her obsession to the extreme.
Washington, Feb 19 ( ANI ): Hugh Grant has taken a liking towards cars, and he blames this newfound obsession on "midlife crisis".
It is common for people to carry out a compulsion in order to reduce the anxiety they feel from an obsession.
Newt Gingrich recently referred to Palestinians as "invented" people, a description that reflects intentional denial of history and obsession with a nebulous and fabricated history.
Well, I watched it again recently for the first time in years and I have rekindled my obsession.
I worry a lot about my daughter's health, but I don't believe it is an obsession.
Summary: After Alex Ferguson highlighted Chelsea's obsession with the Champions League, Nemanja Vidic knows anything will do for Manchester City.
INTER Milan coach Jose Mourinho claims Barcelona's aim of winning the Champions League at the home of their bitter rivals Real Madrid has become an unhealthy obsession.