observer's meridian

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a meridian that passes through the observer's zenith

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There is actually a very slow drift even for stars exactly abdal, and the further the stars are from the observer's meridian, the greater the variation and the smaller the range of latitude over which the method can be used.
9) For with two stars at widely differing distances from the observer's meridian, they would show differences in altitude change per 1 |degree~ change in Pole Star or Pole altitude, so that their altitudes would not remain equal as the observer moved on the same meridian away from the initial reference latitude, whereas exact abdal stars retain their equal altitude relationship on the observer's meridian at all latitudes.
The pair Deneb and Capella is almost exact abdal, having nearly equal altitudes and equal declinations at all latitudes when symmetrical about the observer's meridian.
6', the free star, Fomalhaut, decreases at each observer latitude, for Canopus is rising toward the observer's meridian, and Fomalhaut is setting away from him.
With respect to two stars exactly symmetrical (equal declinations and altitudes) about the observer's meridian, switching makes no difference at all--to which the pair Deneb and Capella come very close.
5 The culmination of a star occurs when it crosses the observer's meridian, that is, when it is due north or south or directly over the head of the observer at a given longitude.
It consists of two stars at equal altitude, one on either side of the observer's meridian, and with the Geographical Positions either on the same parallel of latitude, in which case they are symmetrical about the observer's meridian, or on different parallels, in which case they are unsymmetrical.