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Synonyms for frequency

Synonyms for frequency

the ratio of the number of observations in a statistical category to the total number of observations

the number of observations in a given statistical category

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Therefore, the null hypothesis of no relationships between the observed frequency and the expected frequency is rejected, showing a relationship between systems thinking and the use of ICTs in faculties and departments of physical education and sports sciences of Isfahan.
Z value and p level relate to a one-sample proportions test comparing the observed frequency of a digit to its expected frequency.
10) shows that, although relative probe-Earth velocity incorporates into difference between real and observed frequency, nevertheless secular change of the difference is to be related only to relative probe-Sun velocity.
The expected frequency ratio of carnivores to herbivores was compared to the observed frequency ratio and subjected to the G-test goodness of fit test.
The observed frequency of twins is sensitive to endogenous mortality, since loss of even one of the pair disguises the fact that twins were conceived at all.
The observed frequency was very close to a subharmonic of the camera's scanning frequency -- a signal supplied via a high-voltage cable running from the power supply to the camera itself.
CrossingGuard will be installed at three intersections, selected by the City based upon traffic volume and the observed frequency of red light violations.
bisexual body self- Total esteem min max bisexual bisexual observed frequency 92 33 125 expected frequency 89.
In the elderly anti-TPO-negative group, the observed frequency of subclinical hypothyroidism was slightly higher than in the reference group if the composite limits were used (1.