observed fire

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fire for which the point of impact (the burst) can be seen by an observer

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These communications problems were at the heart of the difficulties faced by the Field Artillery of all the warring powers in attempting to deliver indirect observed fire in support of infantry attacks.
The easily disrupted wires meant that observed fire was more likely to succeed at the opening of an offensive rather than toward its end.
The training scenarios will require the placement of tactical ordnance on selected targets using Joint Close Air Support (JCAS) procedures and observed fire procedures for Naval Surface Fire Support (NSFS), artillery and mortar fire to perform destruction, neutralization, suppression, illumination/coordinated illumination, interdiction, and harassment fire missions.
NATO Standardization Agreement 2036, Land Mine Laying, Marking, Recording and Reporting Procedures, states that obstacles cannot achieve the desired obstacle effect unless they are used in combination with observed fires.
Global positioning systems and laser designators can facilitate placement of precision fires, but low clouds and fog can also make observed fires difficult.
During I/ITSEC, conference attendees may conduct observed fires and forward air control using I-FACT in the largest portable dome yet demonstrated by FATS.