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discovered or determined by scientific observation

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I'm getting too old for such things," observed Meg, who was as much a child as ever about `dressing-up' frolics.
He observed his hostess attentively from under his shaggy brows, and noted a subtle change which had transformed her from the listless woman he had known into a being who, for the moment, seemed palpitant with the forces of life.
Lorry glanced at the work in his hand, and observed that it was a shoe of the old size and shape.
I observed there was the flesh of several animals, but could not distinguish them by the taste.
I will speak of Louis[*] (and not of Charles[+]) as the one whose conduct is the better to be observed, he having held possession of Italy for the longest period; and you will see that he has done the opposite to those things which ought to be done to retain a state composed of divers elements.
I have more than once observed to Lady Catherine, that her charming daughter seemed born to be a duchess, and that the most elevated rank, instead of giving her consequence, would be adorned by her.
Here is one whose looks show a very different character," observed Laurence, turning to the portrait of John Hancock.
One day, on drawing near to the Ti, I observed that extensive preparations were going forward, plainly betokening some approaching festival.
But when it was observed that even inside the harbor the boats were tossed to and fro, and that beyond the jetty the waves rose mountains high, dashing upon the shore with a terrible uproar, it will readily be believed that not one of those frail boats would be able with safety to reach a fourth part of the distance between the shore and the vessels at anchor.
It was not impossible, he observed, that these cannon might have been fired by the savages themselves.
But soon afterwards, rising and pacing the room, he observed sarcastically--
The appearances, beyond all rational doubt, observed in that case are the appearances observed in Mr.
Now these things, as being common to both, are fit to be observed in a free [1294b] state which is composed of both.
For one moment it was all he could do to restrain himself from bursting out laughing; but, looking closer, he observed that the prince did not seem to be quite himself; at all events, he was in a very curious state.
Now that we're together again, and one reunited party," observed the Shaggy Man, "what are we to do next?
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