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relying on observation or experiment

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As part of the delivery of support services to the branded operating divisions, ahdb market intelligence (mi) is required to carry out in-store observational audits across retailers.
It also says that existing evidence is observational and of lower quality, and that randomised controlled trials are needed.
While the calendar rules under the Talmudic system were complicated, for the purposes of this paper, in order to showcase the potential usefulness of the aviv searches for the Hebrew calendar, we define a hypothetical observational version of the calendar as follows--sightings of the new crescent moon from Israel determine the beginning of the month; the first month after aviv barley is found in Israel is considered the first month of the year.
Observational survey was conducted to examine the competence of the teachers.
US-based healthcare research and communications company Continuum Clinical and medical communities social network Skipta have launched the Center for Observational Research, connecting physicians and available "real world" research opportunities within a private and secure digital environment, the principals said.
Lysogene, a biopharmaceutical company, has completed enrolment of patients in its 'Sanfilippo A Multi-national Observational Study', it was reported yesterday.
Observational scientific research describes and analyses reality without intervening, (1) and does not establish definitive causal relationships, but it provides scientific bases regarding the health/disease process and guides future research.
The current systematic review and meta-analysis aimed to review the role of prenatal [OMEGA]3 PUFA dietary exposure in observational studies and prenatal [OMEGA]3 PUFA supplementation in randomised controlled trials (RCTs), limiting the review to exposures or interventions commencing in the intra-partum period, in an attempt to better understand the effect on the developing foetus.
The level of bias varied greatly among the observational studies.
Field therapy for actinic keratoses using topical ingenol mebutate resulted in improved patient-reported outcomes in an observational study, Dr.
The findings of a single observational study will not change guidelines regarding cholesterol therapy, but they are sufficiently compelling to warrant further research on primary prevention of stroke in elderly people.
Dr Martin Faulkes, who launched the Faulkes Telescope Project in 2004, said he was "very disappointed" that the University of South Wales (USW) had chosen to shut down its degree in observational astronomy.
The USW observational astronomy course is directly linked to the Faulkes Telescope Project, which gives pupils access to two purposebuilt research grade telescopes situated in Hawaii and Australia.
A 2012 study, supported by the National Institutes of Health National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, looked at the perceptions of 37 patients who engaged in naturopathic care (NC) for the first time during a year-long observational study.
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