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a structure commanding a wide view of its surroundings

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Among its features will be a 200m tall observation tower, while the existing Dubai monorail which runs the length of the Palm, will cut through the centre of the structure,
This first batch of soldiers was specifically trained to man such observation towers in the area belonging to local law enforcement agencies and U.
It looks like this is going to be a long war," said Rania Mikhael, a resident of Menjez, on being told that the observation tower was under construction.
In the Phoenix Observation Tower, the concept is turned inside out, with the focus placed on the view of the surrounding land.
The structure is connected to the ground at a depth of 12 meters and an observation tower set up about 300 meters away will collect necessary data to optimize power generation over the next two years or so.
The Bedouin broke through the fence of the Multinational Force and Observers compound earlier and set fire to an observation tower.
The observation tower is made of tubular steel and offers amazing views of the Olympic Stadium and the City of London.
The park is being overlooked by the ArcelorMittal Orbit, an observation tower and Britain's largest piece of public art.
The centre also houses an art gallery, gift shop and the 127 step observation tower with a panoramic view of the area.
The power station was not yet completed but this observation tower was built so that curious holidaymakers could watch the construction work, and this team of guides had been recruited to conduct organised tours Left: A canal cruise along the Llangollen Canal taken from a North Wales tourist guide of 1970 Next week.
Coast Guard personnel in an observation tower witnessed the accident and dispatched two rescue boats.
for its High Knob Observation Tower Restoration Project in Wise County.
He highly appreciated as well the clear-cut details relayed by the staff of Rafik Hariri international airport's observation tower.
Many of the bunkers and towers including the Coastal Artillery Observation Tower at Noirmont Point have been restored and are now open at certain times for a nominal fee, visit www.
Brave participants will lower themselves 30 metres from the fort's observation tower, in aid of North Tyneside's High Borrans Outdoor Centre.
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