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a station set up for making observations of something

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An overview of the currently used measurement equipment at the Lahemaa observation station alongside with the characteristic parameters with their detection limits and measurement frequency is given in (Roots, 2008; Roots et al.
Two stations, KUI and TRI went online in Nov 2009 and the PAR observation station broke down on 24.
However, the predictive connection between the increase of HCRF and the formation of an anticyclone as well as duration over the observation station is rather complicated, so the definition of this connection requires extensive statistical information on the experimental data.
DubaiSat-1, the first remote sensing satellite developed by a UAE emirate, has achieved optimal position in orbit around the Earth and has successfully connected with the Emirates Institution for Advanced Science & Technology's (EIAST) earth observation station in Dubai.
o Ground observation station successfully connects with DubaiSat-1 to be ready for operation
Just inside the rim of the crater stands the Sinnott Memorial Observation Station, cunningly ensconced so as to give visitors the best possible view of the lake and its surroundings, which suggests the origin and subsequent geologic story of the region.
The Met office's nearby Coleshill observation station recorded temperatures dropping to minus 6.
It recently opened a new observation station near the Demilitarized Zone, a truce line between North and South Korea established in 1953 after the Korean War.
Wednesday through Sunday at an observation station at the ledge of the quarry.
Since the observation station was set up in 1992 at Ikenik, researchers have seen 85 different species there.
Better still was an short excursion to Mzima Springs Reserve, a Disneyesque wildlife park where from an underwater observation station you can watch crocodiles and hippos having an early morning dip.
The Crested Ibis Protection and Observation Station in Shaanxi Province put six pairs of adult crested ibises on an experimental breeding program from March, the English-language newspaper said.
There, they have set up Trinidad's first manatee conservation and observation station.
e National Park Visitor Centre is setting up a public observation station with telescopes and presentations by night sky experts.
Thus, the signals of HCRF decrease depending on their registration time define the minimum atmospheric pressure in the observation station (Vilnius) in 6-3 days after the cyclone formation in the North Atlantic.
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