observation post

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an elevated post affording a wide view

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The examination of the observation post came almost two weeks into the epic trek across one of the world's most hostile landscapes.
Launched a mortar shell at Alhathlah Observation Post in Najran Sector.
However, the situation has changed since the observation post was established there.
Pritchard was in an observation post in December 2009 to watch a blind spot on a road in Sangin, Helmand.
Taipei, March 22, 2010 (CENS) -- The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) has decided to inflict heavy fines on violation of regulations on major-information disclosure by listed companies on its Market Observation Post System website starting March 25, to prevent exploitation of the system to manipulate stock prices.
10 by the American Army said, "During the month of September 2009, Multi National Force - West returned Camp Baharia, Observation Post Castillo and Sahl Sinjar Airfield to Iraqi control.
Summary: <p>The Israeli violations in the southern region of Kfar Shuba continue despite the removal of the unmanned observation post on August 17, said the Hasbaya correspondent for the state-run National News Agency (NNA) on Tuesday.
He called on the international community to note the Israeli breaches of its ceasefire agreements with Lebanon, the last of which took place in recent weeks, when Israeli soldiers encroached on Lebanese land and installed an observation post on one hilltop of the Lebanese border village of Kfar Shuba.
The Soldiers surveyed a site for a new observation post.
It is made up of twin gun emplacements, searchlight platforms, an observation post, rangefinder tower and an engine house.
Slowly but surely Andrea is drawn out of her observation post and into life.
The military said ''miscreants,'' a reference to pro-Taliban militants in the area, fired their weapons at the Ladha Fort, located about 360 kilometers southeast of Islamabad in South Waziristan Agency, and attacked an observation post at around 1 a.
UNITED Nations secretary general Kofi Annan today accused Israel of deliberately targeting a UN observation post in a bomb attack that killed four unarmed military observers.
When equipped with a rooftop air conditioning unit and a platform-mounted generator, it will create an immediate security-officer checkpoint or observation post.
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