observation dome

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lookout consisting of a dome-shaped observatory

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Commander George Zamka and his crew will deliver and install Tranquility, a new room that will eventually house life-support equipment, exercise machines and a toilet, as well as a seven-windowed observation dome which has the biggest window ever sent into space, a circle 79 centimetres across.
It has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, an observation dome, roof terrace and parking for up to six cars.
Built in 1955, this dome car has been totally refurbished, with four double bedrooms and an observation dome.
Lesser's vantage point: She spent 5 hours in an observation dome overlooking the surgical suite, engraving a highly polished copper plate with a diamond-point needle.
First class means you travel on the upper deck of the coach with its allround observation dome.
Tenders are invited for Frp Observation Dome To Drg.
For a taste of luxury, splash out on a seat in one of the eight restored vintage rail cars, with observation domes.
To create the illusion of immense scale, the Viewpoint team incorporated intricate details into the Enterprise model's geometry, including docks, bays, observation domes and over 1,200 windows, as well as small mechanical pieces such as thruster engines, inlets and outlets, vents and hatches.