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in an observant manner


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He then quite urgently embarked upon the search for a romantic muse, becoming his mentor's most observantly obedient pupil.
At Houston, whether or not because displayed in a science museum or because they were so ancient and from so far away, the bodies were admired observantly, respectfully, but dispassionately.
One tutee has commented that she now reads more observantly, since we have subordinated an initial focus on the professor's paper-specific goals to her graduate writing goals.
He called on Christians to respond to the threat of Islamisation by living their own religious faith more observantly (AD 2000, vol.
R's defence lawyer, told Gulf News that "Fathers and mothers should bring up their children properly by teaching them to stay away from ill-mannered friends and to stay away from bad peer influencea parents should watch out [for] their children's safety and security observantly.
Many try, but few writers share Carll's knack for loving hard living and writing about it observantly.
It would also be unfair to place him in the ghetto of genre fiction, because he doesn't just focus on cops; he writes observantly about the distasteful world they must enter.
Two madrassahs in the populous and observantly Muslim Ferghana Valley remained closed after the Government converted them to medical facilities.
These seem to have been sentiments shared by Hebert and Trudeau as they departed for China in late 1960, and they were quite confident that "those who have toured a country observantly and in good faith are in some danger of knowing more about it than those who haven't been there.
One does need to read observantly, however, just in case one is sucked into unthinking concurrence, which can be forced on the reader by the power of Kendrick's voice.
More observantly than Muller, I think, Ker affirms that "death may, in the hands of the Catholic writer, be actually celebrated joyfully" (p.
In reply, Davis carefully, indirectly, and observantly begins to dictate to Montfort the "'certain rules in this commoonity that we all must' 'bide by ef we want t'void trouble.
The RLPO's 30-year-oldAustralian assistant conductor Matthew Coorey's bottom wiggled in perfect time as my wife (whois musical) observantly pointed out.
This led Matthew Morgan of EJ Hales, who comes from the ``Jewel of the Rhondda'', to observantly point out that the centre of Treherbert, unlike Prague, has not suffered from flooding for some time.
T]he overall picture shows that Kaifeng Jewry for about five centuries constituted a distinct, respected, observantly Jewish middle-class group.