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We will recall that the Committee on Religious Affairs and Regulation of National Traditions and Rituals under the Government of Tajikistan (CRA) in late April applied to residents of Tajikistan with solicitation to help reveal swindlers engaged in issuing fake documents purporting to allow observant Muslims to wear a beard or hijab.
The bank staff in this case are to be applauded, loudly, for their actions - for being observant, for being there when their elderly customer needed them.
Jews, including many who are not religiously observant the rest of the year, spend weeks ahead of Passover cleaning their homes and belongings to rid them of any morsel of food considered to be chametz.
I say the "chance" because until now observant Muslims could persuade their observant Kurdish brethren by saying that the Kemalists had oppressed not only Kurds but also observant Muslim Turks in addition to a list including Alevi, liberal and socialist Turks.
Observant LLC and Philips International Present Findings at ESOMAR
AaYaakov Neeman, an observant Jew, told a rabbinical conference Monday that the Bible contains "a complete solution to all the things we are dealing with.
The recent news that the town of Westhampton Beach is considering allowing the first-ever East End "eruv" to be installed for the Orthodox and observant Jewish community already has real estate experts predicting a change in demographics there -- and a possible increase in property values.
Wood, "An Observant Eye: The Thoreau Collection At The Concord Museum" is a profusely illustrated survey of the Concord Museum's extraordinary collection of artifacts and memorabilia drawn from the life and times of Henry David Thoreau, the author of 'Walden Pond' and 'Civil Disobedience'.
Cleverly assessing Will's talents, Baron Harold assigns the disappointed boy to Halt, a member of the famous Ranger corps, the highly honored and trusted protectors of the realm, agile in body, agile in mind, quick thinking, observant, patient, and clever.
We have added every convenience conceivable for observant Jewish families, but the apartments are so well-designed that our buying audience is potentially unlimited.
Which is a shame, because Montiel's extremely engaging memoir of the same name is packed with wry, observant anecdotes about his brief teenage celebrity as an underwear model and a highly paid frontman for an punk band that bombed.
Snowdance is a "calendar" collection of twelve original songs (one for each month of the year), each one of which is presented from the viewpoint of a strong, observant, self-assured child who gives an honest, and sometimes comical, appraisal of the world through a child's perspective.
I WOULD very much like to thank the very observant lady road cleaner in Northfield who advised my 80-year-old mother that she was being followed by two youths after leaving the Halifax.
With an intellectually observant voice, no doubt aided by the book's ghostwriter, music journalist Kris Ex, 50 makes his memoir socially relevant, weaving it around a supporting cast whose lives, like his, are being swallowed by urban decay and drugs.