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  • noun

Synonyms for observance

carrying out of


  • carrying out of
  • attention to
  • performance of
  • respect for
  • notice of
  • honouring of
  • observation of
  • compliance with
  • adherence to
  • fulfilment of
  • discharge of
  • obedience to
  • keeping of
  • heeding of
  • conformity to


  • neglect of
  • disregard for
  • omission of
  • evasion of
  • inattention to
  • heedlessness of
  • nonobservance of

Synonyms for observance

an act of willingly carrying out the wishes of others

the act of observing a day or an event with ceremonies

a formal act or set of acts prescribed by ritual

the act of noting, observing, or taking into account

the act of observing, often for an extended time

Synonyms for observance

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The IGP went round different sections of the post and inspected and reviewed in detail the security steps taken for peaceful observance of Muharram.
The Fear Experience Haunted House has announced its intention to support a day of observance for the haunted house industry.
Thus, 48% of poll respondents said observance of women's right in business is positive and 38% said observance is somewhat positive.
He said the Church of Scotland's decision to team up with the Humanist Society to replace religious observance in schools with "time for reflection" was the final straw.
Headteachers and chaplains will continue to work in partnership to plan and deliver religious observance activity which reflects local, national and international issues.
Efforts are being made to persuade the road users in the traffic management and an awareness campaign is also being run for observance of traffic rules, he said stressing strict observance of traffic rules as only through this way, safe and secure journey on the roads could be ensured.
Expansive imagination because Jews of widely varying observance can all be said to be "keeping kosher" even as they observe it quite differently.
ABU DHABI - The UAE's financial markets will remain closed on Thursday 1 December 2011 in observance of the new Islamic Hijri year 1433 and the UAE's 40th anniversary of the National Day, the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) announced.
Summary: Rabat - The observance of human rights in the Tindouf camps is incumbent on Algeria, which cannot "subcontract" this issue to the "Polisario," Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Wednesday in Rabat.
Or, will the White House have an official observance at all?
The committee at the 80- member club on the western islands wants to keep a strict observance of the day.
The Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003 do not state that employers have to provide time and facilities for religious or belief observance in the workplace.
Nobody should be compelled to stop trading because of someone else's religious observance, nor should they be penalised if they want to stop and make that religious observance their own.
Another is that the two World Wars of the first half of the twentieth century accelerated the decline of religious observance and weakened the standing of organized religion in British culture.
15, the Santa Clarita Interfaith Council will sponsor the 14th annual observance honoring the birthday, the dream and the work of Dr.