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abject or cringing submissiveness

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Third, obsequiousness creates an anti-empirical culture.
He didn't, after all, make it as a player, so missed out on the adulation and obsequiousness that comes with being a top professional footballer - so why not get it as a manager?
Their behaviour with him is sharply at variance with the obsequiousness of other senior aides, most of whom bow and hold their hands over their mouths when speaking to the young leader.
Filipinos must learn to think for themselves including to question when in doubt and cultivate the habit of curiosity and wonder instead of sticking only to traditions which make us develop an unhealthy obsequiousness.
The sheninagans at the Ministry of Transport, and the initial consequences for those who challenged fraudster Joanne Harrison, provide a salutary lesson in what happens when a culture of silence, fear and obsequiousness takes hold.
Not the politest greeting I've ever received, but HRH's observational skills, I'm convinced, have equipped him with the ability to hone in on the absurdity of human manners, ceremony and obsequiousness.
Nor should it be caricatured as a moment of French obsequiousness, or a chance for requests to be made by a lesser party seeking favours further down the line.
Young people will relate to Aidan's anxiety about fitting in, although most would not risk the unpopularity he suffers because of his obsequiousness.
I am telling you that there is no diplomatic wisdom in obsequiousness.
WHICH British Prime Minister - with the possible exception of Tony Blair, whose obsequiousness to President Bush was nauseating - with an ounce of pride in Britain, would have allowed President Hollande of France to threaten the British people about serious 'consequences' over immigration measures if they exercised their democratic right and decided on Brexit, without a firm and uncompromising riposte?
The UK Government has grand ambitions to become a key partner for trade and finance but is obsequiousness the best strategy?
Just watching the handwringing obsequiousness of all these officials was embarrassing.
While fearing the authority of the top-class Kikugoro, even though his acting ability is still immature, he is brought up among disciples of Kikugoro and among other actor colleagues who give him only superficial praise and obsequiousness, and surrounded by entrepreneurs who are the patrons of the actors.
Was Zacharie's obsequiousness typical of the supplicants and hangers-on who sought presidential favor?