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abject or cringing submissiveness

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Sanders, 73, does not smile promiscuously, as befits someone who thinks the republic is being ruined by the government's parsimony regarding social programs, its obsequiousness toward Wall Street, and its tolerance of billionaires influencing electoral politics.
For him, presumably only referring to the Anglo-Protestant Fathers, their obsequiousness towards the British connection was too "Catholic .
By late Victorian/Edwardian times the wild wood had become the realm of small animals symbolizing the abject poverty and obsequiousness forced upon the hitherto free country folk in wake of the Industrial Revolution (232).
WE ALL love a royal baby and Prince George is no exception but what is it about the whiff of a regal nappy that brings out such obsequiousness in our royal commentators?
Bonhomie, obsequiousness and admiration overflowed.
Winning in Washington means "winning people over--sometimes by argument; craft; obsequiousness and favors; pressure; or a chest-thumping, ape-type show of strength.
This explains the US administration's anger when the WikiLeaks documents were published, exposing the fear of officials, their collusion and their obsequiousness with Washington.
Whatever you think of the royals - and I recognise that Her Maj is currently riding the crest of a popular wave - is there really any call for such obsequiousness ?
TC (Feeble wind turbines, Mailbag, June 7) hits the nail on the head - all is nearly lost for the British countryside, sacrificed on the altars of pie-in-the-sky so-called Green principles and our obsequiousness to the EU.
The stiff formality of Stevens's style, tortuous with evasive speech, circumlocutory negatives, and grave protestations, obsessive with obsequiousness and quick to register any slur against whatever may have "dignity" or be "distinguished" is an elaborate contrivance.
Columbo masquerades in obsequiousness, while Jane uses surprising and startling directness to put his quarry off guard.
44) Thus, even a conservative intellectual like de Tocqueville understood that obsequiousness to the past means impotence in the present.
The writer also vilifies the state media under Morsy's leadership believing that displaying devotion to the Muslim Brotherhood is an alternative to their obsequiousness to Mubarak's regime.
Less obsequiousness from the BBC every time there's someone connected to the royals around would be gratefully received.