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in an obsequious manner

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58) In The Hostage, Pat, who seems to speak for the author's growing anxiety about contemporary republicanism, suggests Behan's difficult position as someone who routinely excoriates the outmoded morality of modern Irish life, but also speaks to it deferentially: the IRA veteran addresses Monsewer obsequiously as 'sir' and 'general' throughout the play, even as he considers him an oddity.
But can you see the BBC behaving as obsequiously towards people who do the really hard jobs as they did to him?
Editor-at-Large of Salon, she regularly turns up on the People's Republic of MSNBC, wearing her trademark simper and oozing coyness, and obsequiously recites, "Yes, Reverend Al" to the honkyphobic views of Al Sharpton.
Enough to follow the present election campaign and perceive how both candidates treat the Israeli government obsequiously, competing to outdo the other with words of flattery and support.
Obsequiously and disingenuously, he presents himself to Alex as "a good friend to you as always, the one man in this sore and sick community who wants to save you from yourself" but, under pressure, gives way to a rant:
While Gloucester, Saracens, Northampton and London Irish are obsequiously waved through to the smoking room where they are to wait for Mr Heineken, with holes in their knees and laughing soles on their shoes Worcester remain on the outside looking in.
T]hey despise the weak, while they obsequiously and unquestioningly conform to the demands of the strong whom they also, paradoxically, subconsciously hate.
29) Thus Archangelis imagines obsequiously offering "lamb's fry" that evening during the celebration to his aging uncle, as "the smoking dish.
He treated the young man very obsequiously, turning the microphone on for him and even brushing nonexistent dust off his chair.
He manages to obsequiously insult Lumumba's widow and children in another scene in which he pays his "respects" at their home in Kinshasa.
So I grovelled as obsequiously as I could, to no avail, but Peter's a very merciful chap.
The media will never recognise the real issues at the heart of this international crisis or the causes of it in much the same way that they obsequiously nodded to the insistence by our politicians that the banks really had to be saved regardless of how many people lost their jobs.
She makes a dignified exit when Speth flatters her too obsequiously by comparing her to "Jane" Baillie while inadvertently admitting that he expects to make a loss on the sale of her book.
Yet the US media that obsequiously swallowed and peddled the white lies about Iraq's yet-to-be-found weapons of mass destruction, giving the neocons and Zionists their fig leaf of an excuse - it is doing the same now on Iran's non-existent nukes - is still toadying and fawning all over the Bush book.
Is Juan obsequiously polite to Alice, but abrupt to Marvin?