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lying beyond what is obvious or avowed

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To delineate this legitimacy, we chose and trimmed two unique districts from the in formation obscured picture and assessed.
The next repeater sign further up London Road heading towards the city centre is leaning over away from the kerb and also obscured by undergrowth.
If a sign was obscured, it could not be said the road was adequately signed, said Mr Cranfield.
Mr Coombes said at the recent hearing that the overgrown hedgerow had obscured not only the speed limit signpost but also other signs, including one warning drivers of a school ahead.
And is hers the smiling visage half obscured by the box--which expands when you click on it to provide a verbose answer and a possibly, related link to a recent Hillier project.
They were aware that these walls obscured the sightline.
These essays also show that in public history settings, the presentation of social history remains in a state of evolution, sometimes embraced but more often neglected or purposefully obscured.
Yet for some men it faded as they acquired other adult identities; and Kuehn observes, following Anthony Molho, that female bastards were even better able to blend because marriage or the convent obscured their uncertain relationship to their father's lineage.
Cervical cytology report information retrieved included sample adequacy (satisfactory or unsatisfactory), whether the sample was identified as obscured, and whether obscuration was caused by blood.
But it's not easy to see many of the good things or the junk in plasma because they're often obscured by a few over-whelmingly abundant proteins.
When the conscience is weakened the sen se of God is also obscured, and as a result, with the loss of this decisive inner point of reference, the sense of sin is lost.
We report two cases in which intranasal neoplasms were obscured as a result of a significant distortion of the normal anatomy.
In our final example, we see a partially obscured face of a child biting into a donut at a corporate event.
Along comes a seductress, walking on hands, her head totally obscured, her all-important upper extremities (legs) preening, bending sensuously, her luscious high arches winking in best come-hither style.
And I suspect that pattern will eventually prevail, with the result that the supernatural roots of this way of measuring time will become as obscured as the natural ones are.