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a person who is deliberately vague

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We condemn and reject such declarations by semi literate and obscurantist male chauvinists in the name of religion.
Several African and Arab countries have appealed to Morocco to train their religious leaders on the values of tolerance to counter extremism and the obscurantist ideology, and for this end, HM King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, had inaugurated last March a center called "the Mohammed VI Institute for Training Imams, Murshidins and Murshidats".
But they operate as a separate entity, focused on toppling the Pakistani state and establishing an obscurantist rule in the nation.
The meeting discussed ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation in security and policing areas, to keep pace with modern developments in addressing all kinds of crime, combating terrorism and extremism, and implementing awareness programs and strategies based on dialogue, argument and common sense to fight obscurantist thoughts wherever found.
Ahsan Iqbal said in order to weaken sectarianism, chauvinistic and obscurantist mindset and produce healthy generation, the government has set up the National Curriculum Council, which will promote creative thinking.
In a statement, the association described Friday's cyber attack on the two websites as "just another barbaric reaction by the obscurantist, extremist and terrorist organisations" in the context of their "repeated and failing attempts to damage the UAE as the most notable paradigm that embodies all sublime religious, national and humanitarian principles that entirely contradict the evil plans of these organisations".
From indulging in obscurantist practices to promoting communal violence-- it's all in the name of an entity no one perhaps has seen or felt.
In previous meetings of the MGK, subversive groups had been labeled as Communist, leftist or obscurantist (fundamentalist).
NOV 13-16 TURKEY Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair Experience the charm, whimsy and obscurantist images of modern art at this cutting edge fair.
On Wednesday, Egypt participated in a ministerial meeting of the Friends of Yemen group, in which Shoukry expressed the need to unite in the face of the terrorism threat, and the importance of concerted efforts in order to support the state of Yemen, so as not leave it prey to armed groups that use terrorism and extremism as a way to spread an obscurantist ideology.
In a statement today, he urged collective efforts to confront terrorism and prevent this despicable scourge from spreading, stressing the crucial role of education to protect young generation from terrorists and obscurantist dogmas which contravene all religions, human and ethical norms.
In obscurantist systems (Nazi Medical Experiments on Jews) physicians were
Rather than try to kill and defeat the Taliban, the challenge is to get them to recognise that they also have to accept that the new Afghanistan is a democracy and there can be no return to the obscurantist days of primitive Taliban rule when Afghanistan plunged into a nightmare of chaos and misery.
But the pope dismissed those who call the church's abortion stance "ideological, obscurantist and conservative," asserting that advocating for abortion access is not "progressive" and the "defense of unborn life .
For 45 years an obscurantist communist regime fed us with myths and cynically persuaded us that power is taken and given with blood.