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a person who is deliberately vague

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Yes, we leftists can be tendentious, obscurantist, and boring.
The price of not uniting desire and law is, of course, psychosis, which has led some commentators on Lacan to conclude that his entire work is an obscurantist blueprint for phallogocentric fascism, since on a first reading Lacan seems to imply that the unison must occur between individual desire and a law that is fully consonant with dominant modes of structuring and directing that desire.
This--let's admit it--is not always the case in our sometimes almost obscurantist dance world.
11) If, for the French colonial writers, France was the bearer of progress, and resisters were coded as obscurantist reactionaries, nationalists told the opposite story, in which the French appeared as oppressors and Algerians as noble defenders of their way of life and cultural patrimony.
Ayhan and his co-revolutionaries launched a neosurrealist movement that was intentionally obscurantist.
This shook the confidence of many clergy and faithful, not least because the media consistently interpreted the many departures in Europe and North America as progress away from obscurantist fundamentalism.
But, obscurantist in tone and highly repetitive (the identical quotation from Giovanni Battista Lamperti occurs on pp.
As criticism has become still more obscure and obscurantist, the common reader has turned away from most of it; and many critics themselves have turned to the personal essay--or at least to a criticism that is less Germanic and formal than full-dressed criticism.
She reasserted in this regard, the crucial role of films, books and all cultural and artistic expressions "in fight against obscurantist thinking to guard our youths from adhering to it.
NNA - Order of Justice is deemed antithetical to obscurantist thinking, minister of Justice Ashraf Rifi, stated at the 13th Anti-Crime Conference opening in Doha-Qatar today.
In a statement, the association described Friday's cyber attack on the two websites as "just another barbaric reaction by the obscurantist, extremist and terrorist organisations" in the context of their "repeated and failing attempts to damage the UAE as the most notable paradigm that embodies all sublime religious, national and humanitarian principles that entirely contradict the evil plans of these organisations".
Killing of innocent children is an act of blatant cowardice as a behaviour reflects the criminal and brutal mindset of terrorists, through which they want to enforce their obscurantist agenda, the minister added.
HRH the Premier said that the evil-minded terrorists will reap nothing but shame, disgrace and contempt, having lost their humanity and espoused a blind and obscurantist doctrine which fuels them to target lives and properties in a bid to achieve their subversive designs and destabilize Bahrain.
Today we renew our pledge to continue our fight against the militants and extremists and not permit them to foist their obscurantist agenda through gun and bullet instead of the ballot.
In a special message, Zardari said Malala stands tall as a symbol of girls' education and of defiance against those who wish to impose their obscurantist agenda behind the facade of religion.