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a policy of opposition to enlightenment or the spread of knowledge

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a deliberate act intended to make something obscure

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This is the conclusion of some "Arab" intellectuals exiled in the security of the West: they see themselves accused, considered responsible for the present obscurantism and thought to have attracted murderers onto the West's boat.
Obscurantism (mostly taken to be fundamentalism) demands a return to a past golden age where things were not spoiled.
To do this, we must first reclaim our country from the forces of darkness and obscurantism.
Like other Syrian sites of heritage and civilisation, Mlula will always resist in the face of the barbarity and obscurantism that are targeting the country.
Rebutting the notion of inspiration, and refusing the kinds of obscurantism in which poetry is often wrapped, Jouet insists instead that poems need not be produced in absolute agony: "Composing verses / I don't shed drops / of blood or sweat.
The arson attack on Father Sarouj's library is terrorism, driven by obscurantism and bigotry.
The history of education in Britain, especially England, has been fraught with obscurantism, largely of a sectarian nature.
Aycock's machines' literal existence forces industrial-age innovation, Dada obscurantism, and outright mysticism into heady combinations.
Moreover, they should not succumb to obscurantism and backwardness, regardless of the side practicing them.
They have forgotten that it is the people who grant the powers and not the emirs of obscurantism and sand", the paper added, in an apparent reference to key opposition supporters Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
Under our party flag, we have always tried to prevent obscurantism.
The whole nation is united against this kind of obscurantism.
The other politician who is scaling new heights in intolerance and obscurantism is Raj Thackeray, who even went to the extent of attacking icons like Amitabh Bachchan for taking more interest" in UP and Asha Bhonsle for " promoting Pakistani artists".
Charitably, one could say that the novel's theme is the tricky nature of storytelling--the intertwining of truth and fiction, untrustworthy memories and deliberate lies, mystery and obscurantism, in literature and in life.
However, in the wrong hands it can spill over into deliberate obscurantism and darken our perceptions and comprehension of that same familiar old world.