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The counsels took the plea during the hearing of the case that all the records of obscenity have been broken on private TV channels and young generation is being driven to immoral practices.
Following the meeting, a letter from Tim Flesher, the Prime Minister's private secretary for parliamentary affairs, to the Home Office revealed Thatcher "remains unconvinced by the Home Office approach to the question of obscenity legislation in general".
The petitioner further told the court one drama entitled " Sirat-e- Mustaqim is being screened on TV which has crossed all the limits of obscenity and immodesty.
Playboy magazine, along with a host of other foreign "adult" magazines, is not permitted in India owing to obscenity laws banning material deemed "lascivious or appealing to prurient interests.
pornographers under federal obscenity laws, so countries face the burden of devising alternatives to prevent exposure to violent porn.
It was a risky argument, since patent offensiveness is one element of obscenity as defined by federal law.
Government can enforce existing laws that prohibit obscenity, a defined category of pornography that is not protected by the Constitution.
is the leading national organization focused on opposing obscenity and indecency through public education and the application of the law.
NEW YORK - Starring James Franco in a career-defining performance as Allen Ginsberg, Howl is the story of how the young poet's seminal work broke down societal barriers in the face of an infamous public obscenity trial.
Summary: Hindu holy man with worldwide following facing charges to include obscenity
Summary: Indian police have registered a case accusing Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and his wife of obscenity after she unbuttoned his jeans during a fashion show.
M F Husain has been accused of obscenity in at least seven cases filed against him in a number of Indian states.
A VANDAL who scrawled an obscenity about police officers across a cell wall was easily traced - he had signed his name under it.
America's adult-entertainment industry is facing the strongest legal pressure in more than a decade amid heightened monitoring and obscenity prosecutions targeting two Los Angeles firms.