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(of a leaf shape) egg-shaped with the narrower end at the base

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The leaflets of these plants were distinguished their obovate naiTow shape, not observed by us among the European, Siberian and Turkestani forms.
5 cm long, usually longer than the corolla tube; the corolla is bell-shaped, 2-3 cm long, and the corolla lobes are oblong to obovate, 1.
First come the beautifully mottled obovate leaves, followed by long, scrolled buds that unfurl when the spring sun hits them, reflexing magically in E.
Ball, 1993)], purple, lavender limb with a pale yellow claw, obovate, [nectaries very small (Ball, 1993) slightly enlarged at the base (Conti, 1900)], [stamens: the large ones 3.
Leaf narrowed in proximal edge, and progressively obovate towards the apex.
Petals 20-25 x 25-35 mm, obovate, rounded apically, yellowish-green, entire, fleshy, glabrous, more or less concave and imbricate when almost fully expanded.
is a short shrub (up to 1 m tall), with orbiculate or obovate cladodes, 10-20 cm long, 6-18 cm wide.
spikelet, nut, stipules, whorl, obovate capsule, halophilous, opposite epetiolate ovate leaves, etc.
Leaves are in whorls of three, elliptic lanceolate or obovate, bright green above, pale green below, tip acute or acuminate, base slender and petioles long.
head and pronotum much expanded and regularly arcuate and planate, scutellum long and narrowed at apex and labium much reduced not reaching even to mesocoxae, its more or less obovate body and its endemic distribution in eastern oriental region isolate it in its entire subclade.
Leaves oblong, more rarely ovate or obovate, (2-) 3-7(-16) x (2-)3-5(-9) cm, Fruit an ellipsoid drupe, laterally compressed, 3-4(-5) x 2.
Flowers distichous, divergent, not secund, slightly fragrant, 70-86 mm long (with extended petals), covered by an oleaginous substance, pedicels 7-9 x 6 mm, subcylindrical, green, glabrous; sepals slightly asymmetric, obovate, apex rounded, 25-29 x 12-15 mm, glabrous, free, ecarinate, green at the base and yellowish-green toward the apex, cymbiform, thinly coriaceous, covered by an oleaginous substance; petals sublinear, apex obtuse-emarginate, 60-79 x 7.