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If a taxpayer strikes out or obliterates the jurat, the law is clear that Form 1040, even if otherwise complete, accurate and signed, does not constitute a valid return.
These new efforts, sponsored by WANdisco, will result in new features, SubversionJ and Obliterate, which will be contributed to the Subversion open source project under the same Apache open source license currently used by the project.
While mulling over whether I would submit to an interview, I jotted down thoughts I had about Judaism's ancient history and how I believed that the intention of the Third Reich was to not only kill Jews, but to obliterate the history of the Jews.
The historical precedent for Lins's work is perhaps what Lucy Lippard termed "eccentric abstraction" in an essay for a show she organized in 1966: in brief, the fusion of surrealism and primary-structure Minimalism into a self-sufficient whole that would irreverently obliterate a host of dichotomies--form/content, flat/deep, negative/positive, even painting/ sculpture.
Natural selection would obliterate the material's value as a molecular clock, useful as a means to reconstruct human evolution, Wolpoff says.
Any plans to develop the land around Hamoa Beach will obliterate one of the most precious and ecologically significant areas that remain in all Hawaii.
The main object of contention here - a ``steamball,'' about bowling-ball size - contains enough energy to power enormous flying castles (or, presumably, obliterate a Hiroshima).
Somehow, a buried narrative is suggested--as if it were impossible to obliterate the addictive storytelling that keeps millions glued to the TV screen.
Our marketing challenge is breaking through closely held, decades-old, customer beliefs - we must obliterate traditional thinking related to data protection, and help prospects see that Revivio changes everything," said Kirby Wadsworth, senior vice president of marketing and business development for Revivio.
Her second-act revelations are so powerfully cathartic that they obliterate all the pettiness that came before.
It was this friend who first suggested that ANDRADE obliterate the serial numbers in an attempt to prevent the guns being traced back to ANDRADE.
The drawn curtains don't quite meet, just as the girl's hair falls forward to obscure but not completely obliterate her features.
Optum is the only provider today that gives companies closed-loop command and control over their entire supply networks to obliterate waste, maximize revenue and gain a competitive advantage through repeatable, optimal supply chain performance.
The new femurs will join a population in the reserve so attenuated that disease, extreme weather, or even a spell of infertility could obliterate it.
Proposition 54 author Ward Connerly, the University of California regent responsible for ending racial preferences on the UC campus, sincerely wants to obliterate the racial and ethnic lines that too often divide us.