oblique angle

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an angle that is not a right angle or a multiple of a right angle

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Increase the magnification while staying at the oblique angle to views of a subset of the BGA balls.
The OI protocol calls for a 15 degrees oblique angle which produces a 23.
This work, Ponto Cego (Blind Spot), 2013, nearly forty feet long and thirteen feet high, which Redondo produced with his longtime collaborator and the exhibition's architect, Birger Lipinski, was situated at an oblique angle to the neoclassical building's main axis.
For these works he photographed the Standard paintings at an oblique angle and silkscreened the images onto canvas.
Most reports indicate the object was at high altitude, and descending steeply, probably indicating the bolide entered the atmosphere at an oblique angle.
The accelerated patch hits the substrate at an oblique angle where the high impact velocity induces plastic flow at the film-substrate interface.
But until recently I never realized that the projectile that formed Aristillus may have hit the lunar surface from an oblique angle.
5 billion years old, and is slightly elongated, suggesting it was formed by an object that struck the moon at an oblique angle.
But as the railway line crossed the River North Tyne at an angle it was necessary to construct the seven arches at an oblique angle to the track and parallel to the river to minimise resistance from the current.
It is quite early in the morning and the sunlight was coming in from an oblique angle and I got this beautiful diagonal shadow.
It is that approach from an oblique angle that makes such a delightful listen.
The first one, a 30-yard swinging freekick from Tranquillo Barnetta from an oblique angle, went straight in, eluding Ferdinand's attempted header on the way.
And it cloaks only when Zhang aims the light source dead-on at the crystals, not at an oblique angle.
The sunlight coming across the bow at an oblique angle glinted off the lacquered wood.
If the finger was pulling on the sensor from an oblique angle, for instance, it could give the false impression of weakness.