obligate anaerobe

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an organism that cannot grow in the presence of oxygen

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Organisms within Firmicutes are obligate anaerobes and include numerous butyrate producers, whose presence is thought to improve health since colonocytes use butyrate as a primary energy source.
Characterization of the primary starch utilization operon in the obligate anaerobe Bacteroides fragilis: regulation by carbon source and oxygen.
Campylobacter concisus, which was in last month's update of aerobic bacteria names, is also in the update of anaerobic bacteria that follows because it is an obligate anaerobe.
Recent research from Belgium using an animal model has identified that butyrate directly influences colonocyte oxygen consumption through the beta-oxidation pathway leading to a symbiotic effect in normal gut by maintaining obligate anaerobes rather than facultative anaerobes such as pathogenic Escherichia and Salmonella by limiting the availability of oxygen in the gut, Additionally; gut nitrate is essential for facultative anaerobes, which is formed via nitric oxide synthase 2.
A combination of enriched, selective, non-selective plating media were used for the primary isolation and presumptive identification of obligate anaerobes from the clinical material.
They are ubiquitous, coccoid, Gram-positive, obligate anaerobes and were first documented in the human gastrointestinal tract (GOODSIR, 1842).
This covers pathogenic obligate anaerobes, whose growth is favored in an environment with a higher pH.
Bacteria of the genera Clostridia are gram-positive, obligate anaerobes that include C.
Thus, mono-culture of gramnegative bacteria and obligate anaerobes prevailed in our patients that were characteristic for severe intraabdominal infections.