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Organisms within Firmicutes are obligate anaerobes and include numerous butyrate producers, whose presence is thought to improve health since colonocytes use butyrate as a primary energy source.
Characterization of the primary starch utilization operon in the obligate anaerobe Bacteroides fragilis: regulation by carbon source and oxygen.
botulinum is an obligate anaerobe, it remains unclear if a particular concentration of oxygen is capable of preventing toxigenesis.
novyi in IDUs (7) and a botulism outbreak in IDUs in California (6), and is consistent with the obligate anaerobe characteristic of Clostridium spp.
Campylobacter concisus, which was in last month's update of aerobic bacteria names, is also in the update of anaerobic bacteria that follows because it is an obligate anaerobe.
This covers pathogenic obligate anaerobes, whose growth is favored in an environment with a higher pH.